Au revoir…

On Thursday, one of the expat engineers came to the QA office to bid farewell to us and to the aviation world. “That’s it for me I guess, I’m done with the aviation. Time for me to go back to my family in Canada”. He’s 65 years old.

I couldn’t believe what I heard. I’ve never thought of leaving the aviation industry. When I was in diploma, I told myself, once you’re in aviation, you could never leave it. It is an industry developed and inspired by passion unlike any other. “Come on Bob, you’re only 65!” my boss told him. He just chuckled a bit, “Nah, I wanna go back to be with my family”.

Leaving the aviation…Those 3 words struck me in a place that was rarely struck. I looked at my boss and uttered,”Wow”. He just shrugged his shoulder. “All the best with your future endeavour Bob”, I said to him whilst shaking his hand. The grip was inspiring and in a way saddening. The grip was as if it spoke of this message, “Son, my time is up, you are the future of aviation, if not the world, then maybe here, where your heart and home is”.

I love aviation so much. It’s a world which lifted me away from the pains in my past life and it created a stronger new me, capable of facing challenges in whatever form they wanted to come. I could always turn to aviation for hope, and strength. For that, I’m forever bound to it.

Au revoir Bob, merci for everything you have done for the aviation industry…

Nemequittepas. The English translation for the title of this song is “Don’t Leave Me”.

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