Are you happy now?

“Anwar will be leaving…the QA dept to support our Engineering side as an avionics engineer”, announced my boss in a meeting.

“Ohh I thought he’ll be leaving the company..”chirped one person.

“Are you happy now Anwar?” my boss asked me.

“In a way, I am” I answered although to be honest I did feel bad (just a little) because my boss is one of the coolest guys around and he taught me a lot about the ways in the corporate part of an aviation organization and now I am gonna leave him (the dept) to chase my dreams. I am thankful to have met such an understanding person, even though we are from different races and different religions.

A little about my boss. He has been working as a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer all over the world. And by all over the world, I mean it, all over the world. He has been to the Europe, the African continent, you name it, he has probably been there. His approach to things/issues/problems is very practical and logical. No hanky panky, no words twisting. If a tree blocks your way, cut it. If you need more engineers, then hire some more. In his view, nothing is impossible. No excuses.

He claimed that he was a very good cook. He has not invited me to taste his artwork yet. But from what he has told me, I do believe that he does know a lot about cooking/spices.  A month or two ago, he asked our base manager who was going to South Africa to get him a jar of local spices/herbs so that he can make ‘Biltong’.  This mixture of herbs and spices then will be used to marinate meat or fish which then will be dried up under the sun. You can straightaway eat it or cook it or whatever. More info here.

His mission now? To find the perfect combination of ingredients to make that tasty, sambal belacan for nasi lalapan.


So what do I feel now?

Mostly happy and motivated. I love the aircraft so much. I can sit for hours on end doing jobs on the aircraft. To see the whole instruments, the crystal displays powering up, the needle of gauges moving wildly, the buzzes of the electronic equipment ‘talking’ to each other, is a privilege enjoyed by the aviation personnel. To imagine how the operation of one component trigger another component and then another and another and maybe a system followed by another system and the final result is a flying machine capable of roles, manouvres dreamed by geniuses hundreds, thousands of years ago is a wonderment, an honour for the informed minds.

God I can’t wait to start my new role. Or should I say back to the role from whence I have found myself. My passion.

Quoting an Editor’s Article in the Helicopter’s magazine (Canada’s National Rotary Wing Magazine March/April 2011 issue) by Matt Nicholls

What resonated with me most about these great leaders, however, was the undercurrent that tied everything together – what I call “the passion principle”. This intangible element is the fuel that thrusts creative engines into overdrive – it’s what enable us to achieve more than we ever thought possible, reach levels we couldn’t even fathom. It makes good things great, great things prodigious. It fulfills, …it completes. It even heals and reforms.

To answer my own question again. I am happy.

I can’t wait to make things fly.

When I was working in Malaysia Airlines, I used to whistle to the tune of this song when I had to spend long hours in the bellies of those beautiful flying beasts. How long? As long as I was doing my job. 😉



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