One last one.

One last entry before I take off. Going back to Miri and I have this urge to write (as usual) though the focus might be a bit wide (eventhough there is a predetermined focus, still I wouldn’t deny the possibility for me to get off track). To be honest for the past few days, I have no ideas on which issues should I tackle first. I have a lot to talk about but I want to come out with a quality entry (as if that happened before). There are times for the funzy stuff, the serious stuff, the romantic stuff, the ‘the’ stuff. Ohh noo, this one is not quality stuff, I just wanna be in that rush mode for no clear reasons.


Going back to KL, has always been a breakaway I have been looking forward to every time there is a chance. Being away from the things that I treasure, (which I learnt that I treasure them by having those things separated from me- like the wise always say, you’ll never know what you have till you lost them, in my case, time/age, hmm I think I confuzzled some part of my brain by writing that sentence) made the plan a much more exciting one.

I attended a BBQ organized by my juniors in APR, I was in the 3rd batch, and they were in the 12th batch. Met some of my batchmates too. After the BBQ, I asked one of my good friends to join me for a second supper (tu dia!) at the nearby KFC Subang 2.

“Dah 10 tahun nak masuk 11 tahun kita berkawan kan?” he said. A waiter came and put our orders on the table. I looked at him, his words were like a wake up call. 10 years…

“Ki, ko sebut macam tu baru aku terasa dowh. Dari zaman UiTM lagi kot.”

We are not getting any younger. I have never thought about it seriously. I always believe I am capable of what I have done during my younger years (physically) could be maintained throughout my aging process. Well so far so good, I may not be able to jump as high or as often as I did during my time when I represented the school in the national basketball competition but boy I can jump. Away from the physical aspects, mentally I believe I have matured and at the supposed maturing progress rate. Although I do make some boyish, teeny jokes at times. Last 2 week, I didn’t go out for lunch and I took a power nap in the office, when my colleague came in he switched on the lights. I was awoken and upon seeing him, I acted as if I was a dracula being bath with sunlight with all the sound effects and acting! “Glug glug…NOOOOOOOO! and the clawing and the sizzling sounds. Then I noticed a figure behind me…my boss. He looked at me with that weird look, “How old are you Anwar?” “I am young sir”, I answered.

Ohh, I gotta catch the ERL to KLIA, see you lovelies later. Stay safe.

Enjoy! A hauntingly beautiful rendition of Smells Like Teen Spirit. Totally different from the original version.

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