What breed of lies? What will come of it? More lies. Until when?

I am no saint, or a pious person. I have lied before and I am trying my best not to lie anymore. If telling the truth will be my downfall, I will not answer, that way I am staying away from lying. Maybe for a few moments.

Stupid? Naive? Weak? If those are the definitions that come with being honest, so be it. Let me be so in the eyes of the mortals.

In today’s world, lies are a norm. The recent political development scared me for I do not know whom to trust anymore. The slyness of the human minds is gonna be our Achilles’ heel.

Is there such a thing as a necessary evil? Is it necessary to practice a necessary evil? If it’s evil, why is it necessary?

Would you feed your kids with money that comes from lying? If you would, their flesh and their blood, aren’t they generated by lies?

I am not judging and will try my best not to judge but I can’t deny the scathingly burning thoughts of the cause and consequences.

A legacy of lies. Wow, that is scary. God save me, God save us all.

p/s: they said in war everything is allowed. Is it?

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