15 minutes!

I’ve spent the whole day reviewing aircraft document. It’s a monotonous job. So I decided to stop and release some of the steam via writing totally random things in 15 minutes before I go back home.

Soooooooooo. Oh God! I need ideas. I’m not gonna correct any typos any sentence which will be structurally ‘tebabo’ed. Ohhhh I ‘ve had a short discussion with my cousin’s wife about Anuar Zain. The conversation started when I brought up the topic that Metallica’s The Memory Remains is not the same as Anuar Zain’s The Memory Remains. She told me that she saw him in Section 9 Shah Alam and that he looked beautiful. I replied by saying tyhat the girl who managed to woo would be the most lucky girl. Oh wait I said the man who managed to woo him would be the luckiest man! Of course it was followed by a just kidding remardk. She replied that I was a naughty, I replied I was kidding, and it was only a demo of how our typical mindset would be when it comes to men who aren’t married yet when they reached a certain age zone.

Aight 10 more minutes.

A friend of mine chirpd in, “LOL Bohoq (my call name when I was in secondary school)” and I told him he knew what I was like. The guy who made fun of almost anything with respect. LOL does that concept even exist? Making fun with respect.

“Sir, if I may sir, with all due respect, I think your hair looks like Edward Scissorshands who has just been electrocuted!”.


No no no non preview! I got few mins left! Ohh and I discovered that the smell of cheese could easily ruin my resolve to control what I eat. The smell totally melts away any self defense mechanism and I will float gently to the source of it. A colleague brought 2 cheesecakes, one was cappucino flavoured and the other was chocolate! My God, I ate on a few behalves! LOL. My boss couldn’t stand sweet thing so he told, me “Anwar, go eat my share!” *tears*.

5 more mins, time to find some cool video!

Ohhh that polka song. Pariapppapappaopolipapplop! oh yah this song really suits the mood of this post which is ‘rush with no understandable purpose to those who don’t understand the language’ LOL.


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