Life is about tests. Well… amongst other things. You can say life is also about enjoying whatever that we enjoy. Life is about…whatever you believe life is about. As for me, life amongst other things, comprises of tests.

My view is influenced by my religious belief. Also by  what I’ve experienced, what experienced people taught me.

Hardship is a test.Wealth is a test.

Happiness is a test. Sadness is a test.

Solidarity is a test. Singularity is a test.

Failure is a test. Success is a test.

Friends are a bunch of tests. Foes are a bunch of tests.

Sweetness is a test. Bitterness is a test.

Relaxation is a test. Exhaustion is a test.

Simplicity is a test. Complexity is a test.

Ingenuity is a test. Stupidity is a test.

Commonality is a test. Dissimilarity is a test.

Knowing is a test. Ignorance is a test.

Et cetera is a test. Et cetera is a test. 😛

What are these tests for? They are for you to understand ‘The You’. Your real strength, your capabilities to cope with the ever changing environment be it from easy to hard or vice versa. Not just cope, but come out as a winner. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3. Hello life.

Enjoy. Craig David’s Rise and Fall. Was Sting’s song Shape of My Heart (check it out if you got the chance! Beautiful song with beautiful lyrics!)

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