So what’s after this?

I went to Michael Bublé’s Concert last Sunday and it was a blast. My mother, my sister and I were excited but I couldn’t help feeling as if the concert was missing something. I don’t know what but there was this feeling of incompleteness. I would like to think I know what it was but..another time.

Back to the concert. Michael Bublé’s performance was worth it. Every penny spent was worth it. His voice was superb! The live band was awesome. His jokes were hitting the right spots. If I were a woman, I would totally fall for Mr Charmer, Michael Bublé. The ladies were screaming everytime he spoke of something sexy. I was too! LOL >_>

Ohhhhh the opening act was classy too. Our very own homegrown Najwa. Her voice was awesome and exceeded my expectation. The music, my God, the music…thank you God for music. I love the acoustics, the thumps of the drums, the weaves of the bass guitar in between all the rich rhythm. It was a bliss.

Michael Buble’s performance started at 8.30 pm. He opened with that grandiose intro of “Cry Me A River”. I was squealing upon hearing the blast of the trumpets, drums and everything! The stage was his. Nobody could stop him from getting the crowd sooooooooooooo pumped up by his showmanship.

One of the things I loved the most about that night was the way he introduced every band member. He remembered, or identified every one’s unique trait! That’s a way to gain respect. When he remembered what was special about everyone in his show, it indicated that he cared. He knew he was there not just because of his talents, but also because of everyone that supported him.

Ohh he’s getting married too! Who is that lucky girl? 🙂 The model in the ‘Haven’t met you yet’ official video! I can’t remember her name but I know she’s a Brazilian and she’s gorgeous. Both of them make a gorgeous couple.

The night was ended with that signature closing song. ‘A Song For You’. I love it. He did that gimmick singing without a mic and his voice was incredible. The lyrics of the song are an interpretation of how humbling a sincere love is. Oh Mr Michael Buble, men should learn from you on how to be a gentleman.

So what’s after this? Bruno Mars’ concert? Probably not. My schedule won’t allow it :/ .

Thanks for stopping by Mr Michael Bublé. You made one of my dreams came true.

The Stage.


No, this is not Michael Bublé. >_>


The Band. Awesome band.

My Hero. Ok. Yours too.

One of the songs that I was hoping that he would perform but didn’t 😦 . Oh well, I’ll catch his concert next time, somewhere where fate permits.




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