“Tell me Anwar, do you want to stay in the office, or would you like to go back on the aircraft?” my boss asked me. Straightaway I answered, “With all due respect, if possible, I would like to go back to the aircraft, sir.” “You are young, you have a lot more licenses to chase after, after that the world is yours. If you stay in the office, you can never go back to working on the aircraft. But, you can always come back to the office when you’re old. You’ve learn everything that is needed to be learned in this department. The only thing left is to learn to suck up to people. How hard is it to learn to suck up to people?” he continued. “Not hard at all…”


And so, the processes began. I’m gonna work back on the aircraft. In my case helicopters. More or less about the same as the fixed wing aircrafts, almost similar avionics system. I will just have to wait for the HR department to come out with a new deal for me.

“The world is yours…”. The phrase kept ringing in my head. You can never have it all. Materialistically, yes. But everything? Never.A cold hard fact that I am trying to swallow. It’s painful in a way but as I always tell myself, that’s how you enjoy life. That’s how you appreciate all the things that life has to offer.

These past few days, too many things, too many sensation bombarded my life. I have a transfer process which I am very excited about to look into, some matters with the DCA which needed clarification, a relative’s concern, my life’s plan, Michael Buble’s concert, mysterious matters of the heart.

The last one, I now know I am not good in this department at all. I coined wonderful, romantic phrases but I am not good at all. My eyes twinkle with hope every time I listen to poetic songs, but the matter stays as that. Poetic songs. Memorized poetic songs. Bring joy to the listeners but rarely to the person who utters.

I should stop wallowing. My road is long. The path looks clear. Maybe too wide for a single person. But give me my horse, and I shall ride forward towards wherever and stop where the sun sets and when the time comes.


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