I just got back from a football match, we had two expat pilots on our side. They are like at least 5 years older than my age but their physical prowess astonished me. I was playing as a right winger. A position that I am not accustomed to at all. These white guys were as fast as me! I was lucky they were on my side and we won! The way they kept themselves fit gave me a new motivation to follow the same trail. Age should never stop you. The heart is the one that matters.


When I reached home, a friend, a colleague who is quite knowledgeable when it comes to toning and building up your physique was there. So I asked him, “Bert, ko terer bab fitness ni kan? Aku nak tanya, if I lift weights semua tu, aku akan jadi bulky tak? Frame aku dah besar, aku tak nak jadi bulky.” He answered,”It’s not easy to gain mass. So don’t worry. Kalau kau nak tone badan kau, just buat semua fitness. You won’t be bulky. Susah nak besarkan otot. Kena jaga supplement semua. ” Another friend interrupted, “Hang nak cari apa lagi Yasset? Hang dah perfect dah. Semua ada. Hidup hang perfect. Hang lelaki yang ada semua.”

I looked at him. “Amin” . And I smiled.

Another guy. I am not comfortable at all when someone says that or any phrase which more or less carries the same meaning.

I am angry actually. I was only just about to learn that in life you just couldn’t have everything. There’s always something that you would have to let go of. These people only see the portion of your life which represents happiness. They wouldn’t believe the hardships that I had to endure. Maybe because I seem like a happy go lucky guy. I am.Though sometimes, I am not.

I am a man of many masks. I don’t show my true feelings easily. Only with people I trust that I am capable of unmasking myself. That’s why I admire people who are willing to share the story of their lives without hiding any details. Their stories inspired a lot of souls and they gained a lot of respect. I am not capable of doing that. Maybe time will tell.

Enjoy, Pagliaci, Vesti La Giuba. The story behind this song is very interesting actually. In a nutshell it’s about a man who plays a clown in a show whilst at home his wife is meeting another man. In sadness, he tries to keep the crowd entertained. I’m writing this from memory. I read about it a long long time ago and it just so happened that The Simpsons used this song with Kelsey Grammer re-singing it in his own way which in my personal opinion sounded better than Pavarotti’s version.

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