Stumbled upon a beauty.

I was strumming the guitar to Metallica’s Mama Said, when I decided to sing along and only then I realized how beautiful some of the lines from the lyrics were. I’ve got an exam this week and to chance upon a beauty hidden after so many years humming to that song was…amazing. My mind is at peace and I feel ready to work harder for my dreams and those of hers.

Enjoy, the bolded lines were the ones which made me paused to take in the serenity they offered.

Metallica- Mama said

1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2

Mama, she has taught me well
Told me when I was young
Son, your life’s an open book
Don’t close it ‘fore it’s done

The brightest flame burns quickest
Is what I heard her say
A son’s heart’s owned to mother
But I must find my way

Let my heart go
Let your son grow
Mama, let my heart go
Or let this heart be still, yeah still

Rebel, my new last name
Wild blood in my veins
Apron strings around my neck
The mark that still remains

Left home at an early age
Of what I heard was wrong
I never asked forgiveness
But what is said is done

Let my heart go
Let your son grow
Mama, let my heart go
Or let this heart be still

Never I ask you
But never I gave
But you gave me your emptiness
I now take to my grave

Never I ask of you
But never I gave
But you gave me your emptiness
I now take to my grave
So let this heart be still

Mama, now I’m coming home
I’m not all you wished of me
But a mother’s love for her son
Unspoken, help me be

Yeah, I took your love for granted
And all the things you said to me, yeah
I need your arms to welcome me
But a cold stone’s all I see

Let my heart go
Let your son grow
Mama, let my heart go
Or let this heart be still

Let my heart go
Mama, let my heart go
You never let my heart go
So let this heart be still, ohh

Never I ask you
But never I gave
But you gave me your emptiness
I now take to my grave

Never I ask of you
But never I gave
But you gave me your emptiness
I now take to my grave
So let this heart be still…



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What breed of lies? What will come of it? More lies. Until when?

I am no saint, or a pious person. I have lied before and I am trying my best not to lie anymore. If telling the truth will be my downfall, I will not answer, that way I am staying away from lying. Maybe for a few moments.

Stupid? Naive? Weak? If those are the definitions that come with being honest, so be it. Let me be so in the eyes of the mortals.

In today’s world, lies are a norm. The recent political development scared me for I do not know whom to trust anymore. The slyness of the human minds is gonna be our Achilles’ heel.

Is there such a thing as a necessary evil? Is it necessary to practice a necessary evil? If it’s evil, why is it necessary?

Would you feed your kids with money that comes from lying? If you would, their flesh and their blood, aren’t they generated by lies?

I am not judging and will try my best not to judge but I can’t deny the scathingly burning thoughts of the cause and consequences.

A legacy of lies. Wow, that is scary. God save me, God save us all.

p/s: they said in war everything is allowed. Is it?

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15 minutes!

I’ve spent the whole day reviewing aircraft document. It’s a monotonous job. So I decided to stop and release some of the steam via writing totally random things in 15 minutes before I go back home.

Soooooooooo. Oh God! I need ideas. I’m not gonna correct any typos any sentence which will be structurally ‘tebabo’ed. Ohhhh I ‘ve had a short discussion with my cousin’s wife about Anuar Zain. The conversation started when I brought up the topic that Metallica’s The Memory Remains is not the same as Anuar Zain’s The Memory Remains. She told me that she saw him in Section 9 Shah Alam and that he looked beautiful. I replied by saying tyhat the girl who managed to woo would be the most lucky girl. Oh wait I said the man who managed to woo him would be the luckiest man! Of course it was followed by a just kidding remardk. She replied that I was a naughty, I replied I was kidding, and it was only a demo of how our typical mindset would be when it comes to men who aren’t married yet when they reached a certain age zone.

Aight 10 more minutes.

A friend of mine chirpd in, “LOL Bohoq (my call name when I was in secondary school)” and I told him he knew what I was like. The guy who made fun of almost anything with respect. LOL does that concept even exist? Making fun with respect.

“Sir, if I may sir, with all due respect, I think your hair looks like Edward Scissorshands who has just been electrocuted!”.


No no no non preview! I got few mins left! Ohh and I discovered that the smell of cheese could easily ruin my resolve to control what I eat. The smell totally melts away any self defense mechanism and I will float gently to the source of it. A colleague brought 2 cheesecakes, one was cappucino flavoured and the other was chocolate! My God, I ate on a few behalves! LOL. My boss couldn’t stand sweet thing so he told, me “Anwar, go eat my share!” *tears*.

5 more mins, time to find some cool video!

Ohhh that polka song. Pariapppapappaopolipapplop! oh yah this song really suits the mood of this post which is ‘rush with no understandable purpose to those who don’t understand the language’ LOL.


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Life is about tests. Well… amongst other things. You can say life is also about enjoying whatever that we enjoy. Life is about…whatever you believe life is about. As for me, life amongst other things, comprises of tests.

My view is influenced by my religious belief. Also by  what I’ve experienced, what experienced people taught me.

Hardship is a test.Wealth is a test.

Happiness is a test. Sadness is a test.

Solidarity is a test. Singularity is a test.

Failure is a test. Success is a test.

Friends are a bunch of tests. Foes are a bunch of tests.

Sweetness is a test. Bitterness is a test.

Relaxation is a test. Exhaustion is a test.

Simplicity is a test. Complexity is a test.

Ingenuity is a test. Stupidity is a test.

Commonality is a test. Dissimilarity is a test.

Knowing is a test. Ignorance is a test.

Et cetera is a test. Et cetera is a test. 😛

What are these tests for? They are for you to understand ‘The You’. Your real strength, your capabilities to cope with the ever changing environment be it from easy to hard or vice versa. Not just cope, but come out as a winner. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3. Hello life.

Enjoy. Craig David’s Rise and Fall. Was Sting’s song Shape of My Heart (check it out if you got the chance! Beautiful song with beautiful lyrics!)

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So what’s after this?

I went to Michael Bublé’s Concert last Sunday and it was a blast. My mother, my sister and I were excited but I couldn’t help feeling as if the concert was missing something. I don’t know what but there was this feeling of incompleteness. I would like to think I know what it was but..another time.

Back to the concert. Michael Bublé’s performance was worth it. Every penny spent was worth it. His voice was superb! The live band was awesome. His jokes were hitting the right spots. If I were a woman, I would totally fall for Mr Charmer, Michael Bublé. The ladies were screaming everytime he spoke of something sexy. I was too! LOL >_>

Ohhhhh the opening act was classy too. Our very own homegrown Najwa. Her voice was awesome and exceeded my expectation. The music, my God, the music…thank you God for music. I love the acoustics, the thumps of the drums, the weaves of the bass guitar in between all the rich rhythm. It was a bliss.

Michael Buble’s performance started at 8.30 pm. He opened with that grandiose intro of “Cry Me A River”. I was squealing upon hearing the blast of the trumpets, drums and everything! The stage was his. Nobody could stop him from getting the crowd sooooooooooooo pumped up by his showmanship.

One of the things I loved the most about that night was the way he introduced every band member. He remembered, or identified every one’s unique trait! That’s a way to gain respect. When he remembered what was special about everyone in his show, it indicated that he cared. He knew he was there not just because of his talents, but also because of everyone that supported him.

Ohh he’s getting married too! Who is that lucky girl? 🙂 The model in the ‘Haven’t met you yet’ official video! I can’t remember her name but I know she’s a Brazilian and she’s gorgeous. Both of them make a gorgeous couple.

The night was ended with that signature closing song. ‘A Song For You’. I love it. He did that gimmick singing without a mic and his voice was incredible. The lyrics of the song are an interpretation of how humbling a sincere love is. Oh Mr Michael Buble, men should learn from you on how to be a gentleman.

So what’s after this? Bruno Mars’ concert? Probably not. My schedule won’t allow it :/ .

Thanks for stopping by Mr Michael Bublé. You made one of my dreams came true.

The Stage.


No, this is not Michael Bublé. >_>


The Band. Awesome band.

My Hero. Ok. Yours too.

One of the songs that I was hoping that he would perform but didn’t 😦 . Oh well, I’ll catch his concert next time, somewhere where fate permits.




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Which song that you think could give you that feeling of being surrounded by indescribable warmth? A feeling of as if someone is tucking you in your bed gently and slowly. Then a rub on on the hair and a kiss on the forehead. Some might say a sleep inducing song. Well yeah, that’s true too. As for me, it has got to be this song. The warmth spreads like a velvety blanket over your heart, your mind and your dreams. Enjoy, Michael Buble’s version of You and I.

p/s: I might be biased and probably exaggerated a bit but it’s true! LOL

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“Tell me Anwar, do you want to stay in the office, or would you like to go back on the aircraft?” my boss asked me. Straightaway I answered, “With all due respect, if possible, I would like to go back to the aircraft, sir.” “You are young, you have a lot more licenses to chase after, after that the world is yours. If you stay in the office, you can never go back to working on the aircraft. But, you can always come back to the office when you’re old. You’ve learn everything that is needed to be learned in this department. The only thing left is to learn to suck up to people. How hard is it to learn to suck up to people?” he continued. “Not hard at all…”


And so, the processes began. I’m gonna work back on the aircraft. In my case helicopters. More or less about the same as the fixed wing aircrafts, almost similar avionics system. I will just have to wait for the HR department to come out with a new deal for me.

“The world is yours…”. The phrase kept ringing in my head. You can never have it all. Materialistically, yes. But everything? Never.A cold hard fact that I am trying to swallow. It’s painful in a way but as I always tell myself, that’s how you enjoy life. That’s how you appreciate all the things that life has to offer.

These past few days, too many things, too many sensation bombarded my life. I have a transfer process which I am very excited about to look into, some matters with the DCA which needed clarification, a relative’s concern, my life’s plan, Michael Buble’s concert, mysterious matters of the heart.

The last one, I now know I am not good in this department at all. I coined wonderful, romantic phrases but I am not good at all. My eyes twinkle with hope every time I listen to poetic songs, but the matter stays as that. Poetic songs. Memorized poetic songs. Bring joy to the listeners but rarely to the person who utters.

I should stop wallowing. My road is long. The path looks clear. Maybe too wide for a single person. But give me my horse, and I shall ride forward towards wherever and stop where the sun sets and when the time comes.


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