In this entry I will try to describe some of the micro sensations that we as human tend to overlook because our senses are over-flooded with so much things to enjoy. Most of our life we are blessed with so much….blesses that we have forgotten that we are blessed in so many ways and we could only see the sad times because they are so outstandingly different than the blesses that we are enjoying! You might look at me as being eccentric or melebih-lebih. I am not. I am merely trying to pay attention to the details in the fabric of life and maintaining a positive view on it. Oh well, call me eccentric if you want, but I love how I am looking at life and I ain’t got long to enjoy it. Time flies. Saya takde sakit misterilah.


Drinking coffee.

Simple task isn’t it? That bittersweet dark liquid poured into your mouth, flooding your tastebuds with tales of each seed ground into coffee dust, translating the message of each chemical contained in the liquid into various feelings and inspirations. Take a look at what I wrote on my facebook wall in response to some of my friends’ queries regarding Neslo, a mixture of Nescafe and Milo. I was surprised when I reread what I wrote. I actually drooled upon reading it.

Facebook friend: Sedap ke Neslo?

Myself: sedap! kena pulak kalau liqat. Tu dia, guna huruf q untuk penekanan. Sebab rasa dia berlemak, bercoklat, ada rasa kekacang-kekacang sikit, pahit-pahit kopi sikit, very subtle hint of sweetness. Bila minum, jangan telan terus, savour kejap dalam mulut. Wah hebat, sendiri terliur!

Eating Tom Yam (of any sort).

This is self explanatory. When I was younger I couldn’t bear the taste of Tom Yam. It was too sour for me. I asked my sister, “Apa yang sedap sangat Tom Yam ni?” She answered,”It tasted like everything!”. I couldn’t understand her and as I grew, I tried to practice what she said. She was slurping the gravy like…she never slurped anything so delicious before! My God, what have I been missing?! Ada masam, ada manis, ada lemak, ada pedas, ada pahit, ada zing! dari lemon or limau (kasturi/nipis), mesti panas, ada macam-macam! Semua ada!

Arrival of a newborn.

This is also self explanatory. If you want to see a man cries his heart out, this would be one of those moments. But let me elaborate on the feeling. I have a friend who after a year of his marriage failed to get any child. Then later on, he got the news he had been waiting for. The joy on his face was nothing like I’ve seen before. It was a totally different kind of glow. I can’t describe it. I have no vocabulary for it. But I enjoyed watching him happy. Menumpang kegembiraan.


Earlier today, after the Friday prayer, I walked pass a coffin prepared for somebody. I saw his/her relatives nearby waiting to carry the body inside for the sembahyang mayat. I looked inside the coffin, and I saw a head rest covered with a plastic bag. On the plastic bag, these words were written: “Hello Tomorrow”. I chuckled a silent chuckle, and snapped a picture of it. Kurang ajar betul. Then it occured to me, this was like a cruel joke. I mean dead people are put in coffins, and dead people reading “Hello Tomorrow”?

I can’t go on, a person whom I think of so highly has just lost a person who loved her so much that he thought of her as his own mother. Ya Allah, it’s different to witness someone who didn’t manage to return the love she received in time with your own eyes.You are drawn into it and forcefully surrounded by that feeling of helplessness.

Death in a way is a beautiful thing. The existence of death, causes us to appreciate life and love.

I promise I will come up with a better version of this entry. From my eyes, I failed to convey what I wanted to convey.



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