Em to the Cee. Emcee.

I’ve told you guys about me being selected to be my company’s annual dinner emcee. First they told me, they would prepare the script and all of a sudden, it would have to be a spontaneous act. They would give me a run through the night’s program but still….the dinner is just a few days away. Nak tolak, kesian organizer. If I do not reject it, I would risk exposing the wacky side of me haha. People will surely look at me differently after the night. I mean my position is a serious sounding position. My department, we make sure the company is in adherence to the applicable aviation legislation at all times. If I let the Jim Carrey inside me out….omigosh! One thing which attracted me though is that one of the committee members told me she could arrange for her cousin to lend me a pair tuxedo!

I love Daniel Craig’s James Bond. James Bond actually looked tough when he took over the role. Now me, in a pair of tuxedo, man…I am gonna melt looking at my own reflection LOL. Ok looks like I will have to do some homework. Time to dig out those old lame jokes.

I will probably update you lovely readers with how the night goes. Maybe with pictures, IF I look dashing lah! 😛

Break a leg, they always say.

This is the best James Bond intro by far. Observe how the animations progress throughout the montage. Plus the music rocks! Chris Cornell’s voice couldn’t be better.

On a different note: Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul!

p/s: Zzzz copyright issue with the video. Do watch it on youtube!

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