I was chopping some chicken meat for tonight’s dinner and I felt as if there was a shadow standing behind me, observing me, from my left. So I turned around and no one was there. I was standing in front of the kitchen sink and the supposedly apparition was at the door. Baca-baca sikit. Anyway that was just something to get your curiosity turned on. It wasn’t meant to be the core of this entry. But the thing did occur. Meh, mungkin sebab dah nak maghrib kot. Orait, those things exist. I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me. Protip: From one of the prophet’s stories, if you were awoken in the middle of the night because of nightmares and such, spit to the left of your  bed.


It has been close to 2 months into 2011. Time really flies. Pejam, celik, pejam celik, voila. Before you know it, 2012. How has 2011 treated you so far? Or how do you treat the time given to you since the beginning of this year? Are you anywhere near who you want to be? What else do you need to do? What is the main factor in determining the success of your plans?

Don’t get stressed out. When I was still studying, I used to be so stressful of the rate of my progress. Then a friend, a very dear friend of mine told me, “Engkau stress stress pun apa engkau boleh buat? You can face each day dengan relax sebab you have a plan, be patient, let time unfold the plan itself and if God wills it, everything should go smoothly. Plan, patience, pray.

Where is effort? See the word patience? Patience is not the same as laying back hoping everything to come to fruition. From my view, patience only comes after you’ve put in your effort. Kalau jadi, syukur, kalau tak jadi, tunggu, patience, sabar. Mungkin lambat sikit. That’s life. I am grateful that my friend taught me of that phrase, because I was in a rush for no reason. After learning the gist of the phrase, I tend to anticipate, contemplate and be more appreciative of the things that come my way. No matter how great your plans are, His plans, Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Pengasihini are much greater. After all, He created me, you, us, everything. He knows what is the best.

So where does the title come into the scene of this entry? Have you been observing the things around you? There’s a lot to learn and there’s a lot of people who are oblivious to the reality of how wonderful life is. For example, a young married couple who got a baby, and a year after complained of how hard, how tedious life was but they forgot the greatest gift they just enjoyed, a child. A fruit of their love. An epitome of the unison of their souls. There’s a lot of couples who would give the world to experience parenthood, to experience participating in the successful creation of life. Some waited for years and still waiting, never losing hope.

Another example, a cancer survivor, who after her ordeal became active, and more outgoing. When I first saw her, I didn’t know her at all. Her hair was pixie-ish which was kinda cute and her face was beaming. When she talked, she was full of hopes. I adore her because of her strength. Her loved one, her family contributed a lot to her tenacity according to her. To endure chemotherapy, to endure the pain, to kill a part of you in an arbitrary attempt to heal you, requires a lot of willpower. Whenever I see her, I see belief, I see, a superhuman. I hope I will be able to emulate the same strength should Allah decide to test me with a similar test.

So observe. Life is just too awesome. Don’t be a busy body. Be a concerned person. I shall remind myself to observe, to learn, to be grateful and to be patient from time to time. If I forget, give me a pat me on the shoulder. I shall appreciate it.

p/s: those examples were real life events which I observed.


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