Live Curious- A National Geographic Campaign

I love campaigns which encourage learning through the unconventional way. Love it like really really really love it. I can’t describe how much I love it. I know this one is one of the catalysts that helps me to appreciate life and living more.

If you are, you breath.
If you breath, you talk.
If you talk, you ask.
If you ask, you think.
If you think, you search.
If you search, you experience.
If you experience, you learn.
If you learn, you grow.
If you grow, you wish.
If you wish, you find.
If you find, you doubt.
If you doubt, you question.
If you question, you understand.
If you understand, you know.
If you know, you want to know more…
And if you want to know more, you are alive…

Credit goes to National Geographic Live Curious campaign. The statement written above is not of my own. The awesome people at NatGeo came up with it. Kudos to them!

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