Love, Liebi, Amour, Amore, Pyaar, Sarang, Cinta et cetera Part C.

Lets get out of context (like I usually do) for a while. I have been selected to be my company’s annual dinner emcee by the committee. I am not even a part of them. I am not sure what to feel to be honest. I am not scared that’s for sure. I told them, if it was gonna be spontaneous then I would have to decline. Luckily they said they would prepare the script. Hmmm just like my school days.


Aight in this entry I am gonna ramble about the purpose of love.

1 word.

Companionship. I uttered the word so carelessly. What does it mean? To be honest I am dumbfounded as well. For I haven’t reached that stage. But I will not edit this out instead I am gonna try to surmise my analysis and share it with you lovely lovely readers.

Have you seen ‘Catch Me If You Can” the movie? Leo Di Caprio’s version. There’s one scene which embedded itself in my memory. The scene where Leo’s father and mother in-law were doing the dishes after dinner (this was when he was posing as a lawyer). They were portrayed as a very loving old-fashioned couple/parents. They stood side by side in front of the kitchen’s sink, his right shoulder met her left. They were swaying to an oldie whilst one was washing and the other was wiping the water away. Leo was watching them and that reminded him of his parents. There was a peaceful, serene sensation inspired by the situation. I love it so much. They grew old together, accepting each other for who they were. That’s companionship from my point of view.

So you fall in love in search of companionship?

I would say MOST likely. I don’t mention lust, desire and the likes because I would like to believe it’s a given when you’ve gained companionship. AND by that, as a muslim, allowable only after you’ve said the appropriate vows as per the Islamic requirements.

So in simpler words, love means accepting another who will live with you, grow old with you and in an ideal environment, maybe you will be the person who will look into his/her eyes on the day he/she dies. A part of the previous sentence is not original. I took it from a para from a Westlife’s song Moments and I quote:

If I die tonight,

I would go with no regret,

If it’s in your arms,

I know that I am blessed,

If your eyes, are the last thing that I see,

Then I know the beauty heaven holds for me.

Why must love ends with marriage? Why not? In fact, in my opinion, love should be ‘hotter’ after marriage. Bare in mind, I am an old-fashioned bastard. I believe if it works, go get married. Why dilly dally?

Edit: One of the mistakes I think that married people do is they stopped doing their ‘single era’ activities after marriage. This usually leads to boredom and burnt out. A friend of mine whose brother is a dentist and a long distance runner and married a dentist too kept doing his running and in fact got his wife into it! They completed heir first marathon 2 years ago. They have a baby and are still running and getting happier by the day! Fact: marathon official distance is 42.195 km.

It’s not as simple as that or is it?I don’t know. I’m merely throwing out conjectures. It’s a complex simple thing.

I guess I should end this here. I admit, I am no expert in this matter. Apparently my attempt to dig out the(my) theories from reading books, movies, songs only worked up to a certain extend. You gotta experience it all then only you (I) would gain the credit to talk about it.

p/s: funny thing is, I’ve advised quite a number of people about love (what to do, which book to read, what she/he expects, what he/she actually means with certain actions, my God!) and most advises worked!

If I’ve helped out someone to gain an idea about something, that would be awesome enough.

I wanted to link Nat King Cole’s L.O.V.E. but EMI restricted its playback on wordpress so I ended up linking this one. I used to duet with my sister for this song.

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