In this entry I will try to describe some of the micro sensations that we as human tend to overlook because our senses are over-flooded with so much things to enjoy. Most of our life we are blessed with so much….blesses that we have forgotten that we are blessed in so many ways and we could only see the sad times because they are so outstandingly different than the blesses that we are enjoying! You might look at me as being eccentric or melebih-lebih. I am not. I am merely trying to pay attention to the details in the fabric of life and maintaining a positive view on it. Oh well, call me eccentric if you want, but I love how I am looking at life and I ain’t got long to enjoy it. Time flies. Saya takde sakit misterilah.


Drinking coffee.

Simple task isn’t it? That bittersweet dark liquid poured into your mouth, flooding your tastebuds with tales of each seed ground into coffee dust, translating the message of each chemical contained in the liquid into various feelings and inspirations. Take a look at what I wrote on my facebook wall in response to some of my friends’ queries regarding Neslo, a mixture of Nescafe and Milo. I was surprised when I reread what I wrote. I actually drooled upon reading it.

Facebook friend: Sedap ke Neslo?

Myself: sedap! kena pulak kalau liqat. Tu dia, guna huruf q untuk penekanan. Sebab rasa dia berlemak, bercoklat, ada rasa kekacang-kekacang sikit, pahit-pahit kopi sikit, very subtle hint of sweetness. Bila minum, jangan telan terus, savour kejap dalam mulut. Wah hebat, sendiri terliur!

Eating Tom Yam (of any sort).

This is self explanatory. When I was younger I couldn’t bear the taste of Tom Yam. It was too sour for me. I asked my sister, “Apa yang sedap sangat Tom Yam ni?” She answered,”It tasted like everything!”. I couldn’t understand her and as I grew, I tried to practice what she said. She was slurping the gravy like…she never slurped anything so delicious before! My God, what have I been missing?! Ada masam, ada manis, ada lemak, ada pedas, ada pahit, ada zing! dari lemon or limau (kasturi/nipis), mesti panas, ada macam-macam! Semua ada!

Arrival of a newborn.

This is also self explanatory. If you want to see a man cries his heart out, this would be one of those moments. But let me elaborate on the feeling. I have a friend who after a year of his marriage failed to get any child. Then later on, he got the news he had been waiting for. The joy on his face was nothing like I’ve seen before. It was a totally different kind of glow. I can’t describe it. I have no vocabulary for it. But I enjoyed watching him happy. Menumpang kegembiraan.


Earlier today, after the Friday prayer, I walked pass a coffin prepared for somebody. I saw his/her relatives nearby waiting to carry the body inside for the sembahyang mayat. I looked inside the coffin, and I saw a head rest covered with a plastic bag. On the plastic bag, these words were written: “Hello Tomorrow”. I chuckled a silent chuckle, and snapped a picture of it. Kurang ajar betul. Then it occured to me, this was like a cruel joke. I mean dead people are put in coffins, and dead people reading “Hello Tomorrow”?

I can’t go on, a person whom I think of so highly has just lost a person who loved her so much that he thought of her as his own mother. Ya Allah, it’s different to witness someone who didn’t manage to return the love she received in time with your own eyes.You are drawn into it and forcefully surrounded by that feeling of helplessness.

Death in a way is a beautiful thing. The existence of death, causes us to appreciate life and love.

I promise I will come up with a better version of this entry. From my eyes, I failed to convey what I wanted to convey.



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E=MC2. No, Emcee lah.

So the annual dinner has passed. I was in all white, only the shoes were black. How was it? It was ok.Surprisingly I didn’t feel scared at all. The last time I had to handle such event was when I was in secondary school, for the Form 5 farewell dinner. That was more than 10 years ago. Time flies.

The crowd was great. My jokes were spot-on. There was once when I embarassed myself when I tried to perform a magic trick, but I covered it all up by saying “I just wanted to teach you guys  how to do it so that you can entertain other people in the future! Haha”. They were very supportive. I had to rearrange a few programs on my own because of the time factor. I really hate it when some people just add in changes for their personal satisfaction without informing the committee. Time people! Time is of the essence!

Our COO, CEO, HoDs were pleased. The games were fun. The live band was great. They played musics which in my opinion went really well with the mood of the night. I still remember when I said these words on the mic after one session, “Sedap kan lagu-lagu yang diorang main? Saya rasa la kan lagu-lagu tadi, kalau anda datang dengan isteri, rasa nak peluk cium isteri tu, kalau datang dengan suami, nak tengok mata dia lama-lama, kalau single…hmmm..nyesal!” The CEO’s wife, laughed and amongst the crowd some were saying , “Eleh emcee ni, cakap lebih..*laughter*!”. It was all in good fun. No personal attacks.

The night ended as planned, on time, the committee seemed pleased with how I handled myself, the crowd. To top it all off, I was given the King of the Night title. I know of the program but I didn’t expect that the emcee would be choose-able too. No wonder when I asked one of the committee members where were the results for the king and queen of the night so I could announce it, and everybody could go home, they said somebody else would handle that part. In a way I was happy. But to be honest, these past few days I don’t know how and what to feel. In front of people I was putting on a different mask. But I would save that for a different entry. This entry was supposed to be fun. *slaps myself*

p/s: I’ll update this very same entry when I find any pictures which I consider as bearable. LOL.

Enjoy, one of the songs which prompted me to come up with the “Sedap kan lagu-lagu yang diorang main? Saya rasa la kan lagu-lagu tadi, kalau anda datang dengan isteri, rasa nak peluk cium isteri tu, kalau datang dengan suami, nak tengok mata dia lama-lama, kalau single…hmmm..nyesal!”

Also, I just realised that I am tired as heck whilst typing this.

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Em to the Cee. Emcee.

I’ve told you guys about me being selected to be my company’s annual dinner emcee. First they told me, they would prepare the script and all of a sudden, it would have to be a spontaneous act. They would give me a run through the night’s program but still….the dinner is just a few days away. Nak tolak, kesian organizer. If I do not reject it, I would risk exposing the wacky side of me haha. People will surely look at me differently after the night. I mean my position is a serious sounding position. My department, we make sure the company is in adherence to the applicable aviation legislation at all times. If I let the Jim Carrey inside me out….omigosh! One thing which attracted me though is that one of the committee members told me she could arrange for her cousin to lend me a pair tuxedo!

I love Daniel Craig’s James Bond. James Bond actually looked tough when he took over the role. Now me, in a pair of tuxedo, man…I am gonna melt looking at my own reflection LOL. Ok looks like I will have to do some homework. Time to dig out those old lame jokes.

I will probably update you lovely readers with how the night goes. Maybe with pictures, IF I look dashing lah! 😛

Break a leg, they always say.

This is the best James Bond intro by far. Observe how the animations progress throughout the montage. Plus the music rocks! Chris Cornell’s voice couldn’t be better.

On a different note: Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul!

p/s: Zzzz copyright issue with the video. Do watch it on youtube!

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I was chopping some chicken meat for tonight’s dinner and I felt as if there was a shadow standing behind me, observing me, from my left. So I turned around and no one was there. I was standing in front of the kitchen sink and the supposedly apparition was at the door. Baca-baca sikit. Anyway that was just something to get your curiosity turned on. It wasn’t meant to be the core of this entry. But the thing did occur. Meh, mungkin sebab dah nak maghrib kot. Orait, those things exist. I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me. Protip: From one of the prophet’s stories, if you were awoken in the middle of the night because of nightmares and such, spit to the left of your  bed.


It has been close to 2 months into 2011. Time really flies. Pejam, celik, pejam celik, voila. Before you know it, 2012. How has 2011 treated you so far? Or how do you treat the time given to you since the beginning of this year? Are you anywhere near who you want to be? What else do you need to do? What is the main factor in determining the success of your plans?

Don’t get stressed out. When I was still studying, I used to be so stressful of the rate of my progress. Then a friend, a very dear friend of mine told me, “Engkau stress stress pun apa engkau boleh buat? You can face each day dengan relax sebab you have a plan, be patient, let time unfold the plan itself and if God wills it, everything should go smoothly. Plan, patience, pray.

Where is effort? See the word patience? Patience is not the same as laying back hoping everything to come to fruition. From my view, patience only comes after you’ve put in your effort. Kalau jadi, syukur, kalau tak jadi, tunggu, patience, sabar. Mungkin lambat sikit. That’s life. I am grateful that my friend taught me of that phrase, because I was in a rush for no reason. After learning the gist of the phrase, I tend to anticipate, contemplate and be more appreciative of the things that come my way. No matter how great your plans are, His plans, Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Pengasihini are much greater. After all, He created me, you, us, everything. He knows what is the best.

So where does the title come into the scene of this entry? Have you been observing the things around you? There’s a lot to learn and there’s a lot of people who are oblivious to the reality of how wonderful life is. For example, a young married couple who got a baby, and a year after complained of how hard, how tedious life was but they forgot the greatest gift they just enjoyed, a child. A fruit of their love. An epitome of the unison of their souls. There’s a lot of couples who would give the world to experience parenthood, to experience participating in the successful creation of life. Some waited for years and still waiting, never losing hope.

Another example, a cancer survivor, who after her ordeal became active, and more outgoing. When I first saw her, I didn’t know her at all. Her hair was pixie-ish which was kinda cute and her face was beaming. When she talked, she was full of hopes. I adore her because of her strength. Her loved one, her family contributed a lot to her tenacity according to her. To endure chemotherapy, to endure the pain, to kill a part of you in an arbitrary attempt to heal you, requires a lot of willpower. Whenever I see her, I see belief, I see, a superhuman. I hope I will be able to emulate the same strength should Allah decide to test me with a similar test.

So observe. Life is just too awesome. Don’t be a busy body. Be a concerned person. I shall remind myself to observe, to learn, to be grateful and to be patient from time to time. If I forget, give me a pat me on the shoulder. I shall appreciate it.

p/s: those examples were real life events which I observed.


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Live Curious- A National Geographic Campaign

I love campaigns which encourage learning through the unconventional way. Love it like really really really love it. I can’t describe how much I love it. I know this one is one of the catalysts that helps me to appreciate life and living more.

If you are, you breath.
If you breath, you talk.
If you talk, you ask.
If you ask, you think.
If you think, you search.
If you search, you experience.
If you experience, you learn.
If you learn, you grow.
If you grow, you wish.
If you wish, you find.
If you find, you doubt.
If you doubt, you question.
If you question, you understand.
If you understand, you know.
If you know, you want to know more…
And if you want to know more, you are alive…

Credit goes to National Geographic Live Curious campaign. The statement written above is not of my own. The awesome people at NatGeo came up with it. Kudos to them!

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Love, Liebi, Amour, Amore, Pyaar, Sarang, Cinta et cetera Part C.

Lets get out of context (like I usually do) for a while. I have been selected to be my company’s annual dinner emcee by the committee. I am not even a part of them. I am not sure what to feel to be honest. I am not scared that’s for sure. I told them, if it was gonna be spontaneous then I would have to decline. Luckily they said they would prepare the script. Hmmm just like my school days.


Aight in this entry I am gonna ramble about the purpose of love.

1 word.

Companionship. I uttered the word so carelessly. What does it mean? To be honest I am dumbfounded as well. For I haven’t reached that stage. But I will not edit this out instead I am gonna try to surmise my analysis and share it with you lovely lovely readers.

Have you seen ‘Catch Me If You Can” the movie? Leo Di Caprio’s version. There’s one scene which embedded itself in my memory. The scene where Leo’s father and mother in-law were doing the dishes after dinner (this was when he was posing as a lawyer). They were portrayed as a very loving old-fashioned couple/parents. They stood side by side in front of the kitchen’s sink, his right shoulder met her left. They were swaying to an oldie whilst one was washing and the other was wiping the water away. Leo was watching them and that reminded him of his parents. There was a peaceful, serene sensation inspired by the situation. I love it so much. They grew old together, accepting each other for who they were. That’s companionship from my point of view.

So you fall in love in search of companionship?

I would say MOST likely. I don’t mention lust, desire and the likes because I would like to believe it’s a given when you’ve gained companionship. AND by that, as a muslim, allowable only after you’ve said the appropriate vows as per the Islamic requirements.

So in simpler words, love means accepting another who will live with you, grow old with you and in an ideal environment, maybe you will be the person who will look into his/her eyes on the day he/she dies. A part of the previous sentence is not original. I took it from a para from a Westlife’s song Moments and I quote:

If I die tonight,

I would go with no regret,

If it’s in your arms,

I know that I am blessed,

If your eyes, are the last thing that I see,

Then I know the beauty heaven holds for me.

Why must love ends with marriage? Why not? In fact, in my opinion, love should be ‘hotter’ after marriage. Bare in mind, I am an old-fashioned bastard. I believe if it works, go get married. Why dilly dally?

Edit: One of the mistakes I think that married people do is they stopped doing their ‘single era’ activities after marriage. This usually leads to boredom and burnt out. A friend of mine whose brother is a dentist and a long distance runner and married a dentist too kept doing his running and in fact got his wife into it! They completed heir first marathon 2 years ago. They have a baby and are still running and getting happier by the day! Fact: marathon official distance is 42.195 km.

It’s not as simple as that or is it?I don’t know. I’m merely throwing out conjectures. It’s a complex simple thing.

I guess I should end this here. I admit, I am no expert in this matter. Apparently my attempt to dig out the(my) theories from reading books, movies, songs only worked up to a certain extend. You gotta experience it all then only you (I) would gain the credit to talk about it.

p/s: funny thing is, I’ve advised quite a number of people about love (what to do, which book to read, what she/he expects, what he/she actually means with certain actions, my God!) and most advises worked!

If I’ve helped out someone to gain an idea about something, that would be awesome enough.

I wanted to link Nat King Cole’s L.O.V.E. but EMI restricted its playback on wordpress so I ended up linking this one. I used to duet with my sister for this song.

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