Love, Liebi, Amour, Amore, Pyaar, Sarang, Cinta et cetera Part B.

To continue writing this, I have to be in a different mood. A Dr.Phil-ish, Jamesy Blunt-ish mood. At the moment, I’m in a clownish, Stephen Chow-ish mood. *Closing eyes listening to The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script*. It’s not easy to write this kind of entry to be honest. I am risking exposing the really gooey part of me (ceh macam sebelum ni tak pernah ter-exposed je).


Where was I? Oh yeah, I talked about the negatives that love might incur, and how we should remind ourselves about them.

Now I haven’t explained how I see love. How I define love. What’s the purpose of love from my point of view.

First thing first. Have I ever fallen in love?


This is the serious kind of love. Not the “Wow Megan Fox cun gila!” or “Wow Scarlett Johansson punya mata hijau gila! Aku jatuh cinta ah!” or “Lisa Surihani is sooooo beautiful in real life!” kind of crush (tapi I saw her in real life, she is one gorgeous being). Ok enough examples.

The serious one. The one that got me thinking how I should steer my life. I became stupid in one way super duper wise in another. Stop. Almost, almost opening up that locked door. Hehe.

So how do I see love?

I used to think that love was too plebeian (I learn this word from an oldie) until I felt it. It’s human to love. I see love as a way to start a new you. Nope, I am not saying you will not be yourself by being in love. You are exploring the better side of you. Love clarifies your objectives, how you want to achieve it and increases the intensity of the fire of your desire. Love is mold-able and will mold you if you didn’t take control.  Sadly, a lot of our younger generations allow the latter to be in charge in a negative way and hence we see them forgetting their roles to their families, their religion (s) and their own ambitions.

Love does not have to include physical. It’s a matter of the heart. When we say heart, we don’t point to our head where all the logical thinking takes place. We point to somewhere around our chest. 2 in 1. The presence of the mind balances the dreaminess of the heart.

Love does not care about your past, your background, your downsides. Again sadly, many do not appreciate this. I saw a show on fugitive who escaped one of the most notorious prisons in the US and then fell in love with a girl. When the fugitive was caught, the girl didn’t stop loving him. When asked, she simply said, “He made me feel special. I love him”. If only the guy appreciated the love that the girl was pouring him with, he would have made the world a better place although by a minuscule.

That’s how I see love. A mysterious force  which brings two mutual souls together and allows itself to either be used to destroy or to create. From time to time this view might change influenced by philosophies, life experiences and a lot of external factors but at the moment this is how I see it. See you in the next entry.

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