Forgotten wisdom.

I was going through my organizers, books, notes then I stumbled upon these words.

Yep that’s my writing. I like to jot down quotes when there are too many around and I can’t memorize them all. I just don’t like missing these words of wisdom expressed by pundits, or simply an instantaneous inspiration uttered by anyone, anything.

If you can’t read them, or simply too lazy to click it here they are:

1) Complexity for complexity’s sake is a waste of time

2) The first step towards the attainment of discovery is the humiliating confession of ignorance – Humprey Davy’s quote.

3) Un homme averti en vaut deux – Forewarned is forearmed.

I think I heard the first one during a course. The instructor spoke really fluent her majesty’s English. I love the way he annunciated each word. They were beautiful, crisp and clear. I didn’t feel sleepy, in fact, I was waiting eagerly for anymore catchy phrases and in the process mimicked his style (lol).

Looking back at the first words of wisdom, I have a story. I am not sure whether it’s a true story or not, but nevertheless it’s an entertaining one and really shows how sometimes certain things require only simple solutions. Here’s the story:

The Americans and the Russians were thinking of how to write in space. With no gravity, surely the ink from a pen wouldn’t be able to flow out. Some suggested using pneumatic pumps. Some suggested using ionized ink and coupled with ionized paper. The Americans finally came up with a costly, sophisticated pen with all its electronics and whatchamacallit and succeeded to write on a piece of paper in space using said invention. As for the Russians, they decided to use pencil. A simple, cheap, easy to maintain wooden pencil. The cost? Chicken feed. Did you get the gist? Hopefully you did.

What’s with these words of wisdom? I see them as a way to convey inspiration which forces us to go ‘Huh? Must…find…out…what…it…means…” kinda feeling. They do not directly tell you what they are trying to tell you but they bait you to find out.

Alright, I gotta stop, gotta go back to work before I get too absorbed in writing this entry. Enjoy this video! Mesmerizing voices and inspirational music!


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