So random.

This post will have no meaning. Just to jot down what I experienced today from the moment I woke up till whatever time this post will be published.

1) I woke up super early like 5 o’clock. Then buat bising main guitar. Kena marah. Haha.

2) The weather is cloudy. Good for running because you don’t get tired as fast as on a sunny day. In fact I ran for quite long.

3) Saw few makciks, nyonyas  wearing their PJs and lingerie running around the lake. Oh come on, wear something decent…even a shirt over would be good enough. I don’t get it, why do some wear those really tiny shorts and then bila berpeluh baru la tersipu-sipu cover. /shrug.

4) Air asam jawa is the best drink when you are super exhausted. The masam-masam manis, yum yum. A cousin of mine who studied sport science once told me, air asam (of any type) is good for restoring your energy. I found that to be the truth.

5) I broke my Nth pick. Strumming semangat sangat. RM1.50 for a small piece of plastic less than about 1 inch long at least.

6) Planning my route for today. Pergi Jalan Tun Razak to attend a friend’s wedding, then will have to zoom all the way to Putrajaya to attend my school’s mini reunion.

7) Zzzz whilst typing this, I screwed up the tuning of my guitar. Banyak sangat benda nak gagau in one time…

Okeh, there you go, pointless post.

In my opinion, Michael Buble stole the show, the girl’s voice was typical. Awwww  Michael Buble…*eyes twinkle*..LOL

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