Haunted. Haunting.

Have you ever been haunted by things which are not of the ghostly/spiritual nature? What I meant to say was haunted by decisions, songs, books, lines, events et al. Bukan dihantui oleh hantu. Pretty sure we all have been haunted by something at some point in our lives. The difference is the way we deal with it.

One of my weaknesses is I don’t turn the other cheek so easily when faced with issues that others could have brushed off so easily. That in a good way probably contributed to the ideas that I managed to share with you guys through my blog. What’s haunting me now?

1) Snow Patrol’s Chasing Car song. I linked it in the last entry. The willingness, the carelessness, the wishful thinking that the song suggested are just too beautiful. Read the lyrics and you will understand.

2) My tendency to assume. Although since I was an apprentice engineer I have been told not to assume. I’ve screwed up my chances for assuming (if there was any). I have irritated people for assuming. I think it prolly would be ok if I kept my assumptions to myself, but then I would be haunted by these assumptions hence I usually ended up voicing out my assumptions. I’ve reminded myself but I kept repeating the same mistake.

3) My tendency to relate things.  Macam CSI. Why can’t I just take something as it is.

4) I like to verbally utter memorable  lines which I have just learned. Not necessarily in front of people. Sometimes when I was driving and I saw/listened to catchy commercials, movie reviews, I would then repeat those lines. Macam orang practice speech. I have been caught doing that at work! Lol! “Anwar, you are still young, I need you here, don’t go crazy too early!” what my boss told me. Haish. But I guess this isn’t the negative kind of haunting.

5) Haunted by promises I’ve made either publicly or personally. I cannot rest till I’ve fulfilled them. Because I always believe men are made of his words.Naive? Stupid? So be it. If fulfilling promises meant I have to be that, so be it.

6) Haunted by my inability to excel in fields that I like. I believe imperfections related to skill is of improvable nature. But you gotta work extra hard. At the moment, I  am trying to improve my written Bahasa Melayu, since a person that I adored/looked up to linked my bahasa blog on hers. The last time I wrote essays in BM was in secondary school O_O. So you can imagine…

7) Haunted by my eagerness to write and yet I have nothing brewing in my mind.

There’s a lot more issues which have been haunting me, but at this moment, these are the ones that I am trying to sort out first. This is one of the more effective ways to deal with your fears/weaknesses.

I picked this song simply because of the title. I don’t think the lyrics are that related to the content of this blog. Ohhhhhh watching James Blunt reminded me of my promise to my cousin to come up with a super leleh jiwang, cintan cintun entry! Kehkehkeh. Dira, that’s a hard one to tackle.

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