Twenty Eleven

2011. Just in case.

Another year to look forward to. 2010 was a very very fulfilling year in terms of learning about what life and living are actually.

1) I’ve learned that friends are different than colleagues. Oh for sure colleagues can be friends but the ones that you befriended on the grounds of common interests, common principles, common ambitions, are the ones who take that special place ‘for friends only’ in your heart.

2) I’ve learned that you really got yourself to blame for when you failed to reach your predetermined objectives. External factors/interferences are there only to strengthen you IF only you know how to twist them around to help yourself. Always look for the implied messages/lessons.

3) There is no use to sulk on past failures. Reminisce only to identify what are your mistakes but never to bring yourself down. Yourself depends on you. If you bring yourself down, then even God won’t help you.

4) Making others happy is a way to make yourself happy. Self explanatory.

5) Word your thoughts carefully. Especially if you got no verbal means or any other means to convey your thoughts. These emotionless words can project thousands of emotions. Emotionless but capable of stirring emotions. Another wonderful paradox.

6) Ego is a double-edged knife. You wanna be better than someone, you wanna be better than everybody, you wanna be correct all the time, but be careful not to hurt yourself and the ones you loved or cared about.

7) Death is imminent. When your number is up, it’s up, no matter how healthy, how young you might be. My batchmate when I was in Saina died in a superbike accident early 2010. He was amongst the first guys who got to know me when I first came to the school. We were quite close. Alas, at the time of the accident, I was busy and Al Fatihah for Allahyarham Basil Basir.

Even today, one actor (acted in Awan Dania according to the news), died because of cardiac arrest or something. He looked perfectly fine physically.

I don’t mean to sound grim, but it’s the fact. As a muslim, I believe in that. I just hope and pray that when my number comes, my loved ones will be able to fend for themselves and I’ve left enough for them to continue living.

8) It’s harder to meet your friends as each one of us is busy chasing after our own dreams. Appreciate whatever time you have with them.

9) Maturity is not about age.

10) Opinions and views of people on a certain subject matter differ adversely based on the  way they were raised, the environment that they are living in, the life that they went through and are going through so instead of trying to force your opinions upon others, listen first and discuss. What’s opened to you might be closed to them, what’s closed to you might be opened to them.

11) We are all humans.We didn’t get to pick who we wanted to be born as but we were given options. Some might have to work harder than others but they will gain something extra.

12) Whenever you are faced with difficulties, either academically, financially, emotionally, anything, remind yourself, this is what living is all about. These elements are there to help you appreciate life. To feel alive.

13) Be grateful, be thankful. This is by far the greatest and the best lesson I’ve learned. To the people who taught me how (pretty sure you know who you are), know that I could never repay you enough with worldly items. If you need aid, I will surely try my very best to assist.

14) It’s easy to be negative, to find the wrongs even in the most perfect being or phenomenons. It’s hard to be positive and maintain the vibe.

15) Apologizing doesn’t make you a wuss per se. It indicates willingness, acceptance and a whole lot of other emotions which point in the positive direction.

16) Allah is there for you. One line from my nasyid years in Saina, “Selangkah ku rapat pada-Mu, seribu langkah Kau rapat padaku”.

Au revoir 2010, pretty sure we will never meet again. Bonjour 2011, I can’t wait to experience what you have in store. Have a great new year everyone! It’s never too late to improve!

How far we’ve come? Interesting question 🙂 .

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