Love, Liebi, Amour, Amore, Pyaar, Sarang, Cinta et cetera Part B.

To continue writing this, I have to be in a different mood. A Dr.Phil-ish, Jamesy Blunt-ish mood. At the moment, I’m in a clownish, Stephen Chow-ish mood. *Closing eyes listening to The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script*. It’s not easy to write this kind of entry to be honest. I am risking exposing the really gooey part of me (ceh macam sebelum ni tak pernah ter-exposed je).


Where was I? Oh yeah, I talked about the negatives that love might incur, and how we should remind ourselves about them.

Now I haven’t explained how I see love. How I define love. What’s the purpose of love from my point of view.

First thing first. Have I ever fallen in love?


This is the serious kind of love. Not the “Wow Megan Fox cun gila!” or “Wow Scarlett Johansson punya mata hijau gila! Aku jatuh cinta ah!” or “Lisa Surihani is sooooo beautiful in real life!” kind of crush (tapi I saw her in real life, she is one gorgeous being). Ok enough examples.

The serious one. The one that got me thinking how I should steer my life. I became stupid in one way super duper wise in another. Stop. Almost, almost opening up that locked door. Hehe.

So how do I see love?

I used to think that love was too plebeian (I learn this word from an oldie) until I felt it. It’s human to love. I see love as a way to start a new you. Nope, I am not saying you will not be yourself by being in love. You are exploring the better side of you. Love clarifies your objectives, how you want to achieve it and increases the intensity of the fire of your desire. Love is mold-able and will mold you if you didn’t take control.  Sadly, a lot of our younger generations allow the latter to be in charge in a negative way and hence we see them forgetting their roles to their families, their religion (s) and their own ambitions.

Love does not have to include physical. It’s a matter of the heart. When we say heart, we don’t point to our head where all the logical thinking takes place. We point to somewhere around our chest. 2 in 1. The presence of the mind balances the dreaminess of the heart.

Love does not care about your past, your background, your downsides. Again sadly, many do not appreciate this. I saw a show on fugitive who escaped one of the most notorious prisons in the US and then fell in love with a girl. When the fugitive was caught, the girl didn’t stop loving him. When asked, she simply said, “He made me feel special. I love him”. If only the guy appreciated the love that the girl was pouring him with, he would have made the world a better place although by a minuscule.

That’s how I see love. A mysterious force  which brings two mutual souls together and allows itself to either be used to destroy or to create. From time to time this view might change influenced by philosophies, life experiences and a lot of external factors but at the moment this is how I see it. See you in the next entry.

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Knowledge is Power.

In a dog eat dog world, knowledge is power. It’s the ultimate save-your-face , save-your-dignity, save-your-cause tool.

Don’t narrow down my statement to reading books. Everything which is new to you is knowledge. It could come from directions you would have never expected.

I am speaking/writing from what I have faced, what I have just faced. In my world, baseless arguments will cause you your ass. Pardon my french. You will be shoved aside and worst, you will lose respect.

With knowledge, you will be able to come up with a solid weapon. You will initially be looked at as a snobbish, know-it-all person, but at the same time you are gaining respect. The building up of respect would chip away the negative aura that was initially radiated.

Knowledge is power. Full stop.

Love, Liebi, Amour, Amore, Pyaar, Sarang, Cinta et cetera Part A.

I have been paying attention to my Malay blog that I begin to dry out on ideas when it comes to this petblog. Love you so much! Muah! Muah! Muah! Awww… So in order to get these ideas coming again, I will write on the topic that people are so familiar with but  usually have very little clue about. Including myself. SO how am I going to write about a topic that I have very little ‘so-called-experience’ of? Easy, from my observation, what I have read, what I have gained from sembang-sembang sessions, from songs, movies, real life events and maybe, MAYBE from what I have experienced.


Love. Uttering the word alone induces a lot of mixed feelings. Some might feel soothed, some might feel pain, some might feel some kind of wonderful, some might feel as if they are on the verge of puking, some might feel what ever feelings which were unknown to them before.. Powerful word indeed.

Needless to say, this gift, this phenomenon, whatever you want to call it inspired the human life since God knows when. More than enough sentences, songs, poems, haikus, letters, have been written which described what love could do to us, what we could do with love, what love could inspire us to do.

Michael Buble – I’m your man

If you want a lover, I’ll do anything you ask me too…

Nazareth – Love Hurts

Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and mars. Any heart, not strong or tough enough…To take a lot of pain, take a lot of pain, love is like a cloud, holds a lot of rain.

Ishq Bina (Taal Movie)

What is sweeter than sweet? Love. What is bitter than bitter? Love.

Enough, I can give you examples of beautiful sentences carved out of this …thing for the whole day and still be left with millions more maybe billions.

So what are we going to do? Lets get to know love. What is love? Let me narrow down the context of this love to the romantic kind of love. Everybody wants to fall in love. Don’t you want somebody to love? You are lying if your answer is negative. I have a lot of friends who achieved a lot of things in their life and still seeking for that thing you called love. They want it.I’ve spoken to people in a heart-to-heart session and despite all of their egos, they broke down admitting that they wanted love.

I believe it’s one of the easiest thing to understand and yet the most complex mystery in the world.

You love somebody. You care about somebody. You want to know whatever there is to know about somebody. You want to be treasured. You forgot about their negative sides, you forgot about your positions, and in some communities, you forgot  about your hierarchy.

Have you ever heard of the phrase “The Stockholm Syndrome”? In simpler terms it means a kidnapped person who fell in love with his/her kidnapper. It started out with sympathy and eventually turned into affection. Is affection love? I am just throwing this out there so we can all think together. My idea of love might be different than yours.

Have you read a report on a study that a group of researchers carried out on a group of male who frequent prostitutes? In a nutshell, according to the report, these men felt their emotional need was not fulfilled. They felt empty. Merely physical enjoyment and nothing more.

When you say “I love you”, what does it mean?  These questions that I typed have no definite answers. The answers lie with you. You decide how you want to see love. I am not gonna tell you what is love. I have no rights to do so. What I can do is I can suggest to you what is love from my eyes. I prefer the positive sides. The existence of the negatives should serve as a reminder and thus we shall be more aware and cautious with each step. Reminder you say. What sort of reminder? That love used to invoke wars between countries, love could make you forget where you stand, love could make you break bonds between parents and their child, love could jeopardize your strongest friendship, love could make you neglect your responsibilities, love could make you forget your ambitions, love could alter your principles and most importantly  love could make you forget the Bestow-er of love Himself, the God Almighty.

The positives? Look back at the negatives, turn them around. 🙂 . Nice aren’t they?

We shall continue this discussion in the next entry…in the meantime, take a look at these books: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and, Smart Women Foolish Choices. Interesting read.

Footnote: I know I sound weird in this entry, but meh, just for the sake of the mood needed.

p/s: Dira, wa tengah cuba nak fulfill my promise to come up with a cintan cintun entry kehkehkeh 😛 .





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Starry starry night

Now I understand what you tried to say to me,

How you suffered for your sanity,

How you tried to set them free.

They would not listen, they did not know how…

Perhaps they’ll listen now…

Excerpt from Starry Starry Night @ Vincent, a song written by Don Mclean as a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh. An artist whose expressions, works were only appreciated after he committed suicide. Read more about his history here and the metaphors explored in this song here

It was my mother who introduced me to this song and Vincent Van Gogh. In fact she introduced me to a lot of artists from the Renaissance till the present era. Glad she did, as the old proverb goes, “The fruit does not fall far from the tree”. Art is something that I can love and can appreciate and am grateful for being able to indulge in and enjoy.


I developed a keen interest in drawing when I was like 4-5 years old and began drawing comics with my sister when we were in primary school. Most actively when I was in Standard 5 and Standard 6. I am not sure where have all those comics gone to. Probably thrown away or burnt.

Anyhow, most of the comics that I drew were based on people with superpowers. So I would read through the dictionary to look for words which would mean something powerful, bombastic-sounding and just pure awesome. As for my sister, she drew a bit of everything. Life, girlish stuff, superheroes, like I said, a bit of everything.

Oh how I wished I knew how to appreciate things when I was little. I would keep those treasures as it was an epitome of how close I was with my sister at that time. We would draw our comics together, discuss the storyline, or if we drew our comics separately, we would try to find a place where nobody could peek into each other’s work. Only trading them when we were finished.

Whenever I turned on my Sega Genessis, one of the must-play games was Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles. I would control Sonic, and she would be in charge of Miles. We would play for hours or until my mother’s nagging assaulted our ears. Really really good times were had by us.

When I went to boarding school, my mother told me, the first few weeks, she cried in her sleep, “Nak jumpa wawa, nak jumpa wawa..”. Such a beautiful bond.

Now that I think of it, man… it really grips you in that special place in your heart. How blessed we are to be given a choice to appreciate the existence of such phenomenon.

To remember and be remembered.

To love and be loved.

To understand and be understood.

To respect and be respected.

To crave and be craved.

To desire and be desired.

To appreciate and be appreciated.

Mr Vincent Van Gogh appreciated all the art that was around him, alas, nobody appreciated his intentions when he was around to enjoy such appreciation which came from a realization of how ignorant we used to be to the appreciable elements around us.

Salute to those who helped us appreciate.


p/s: My mother’s favourite Van Gogh’s drawing is The Sunflower.


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Forgotten wisdom.

I was going through my organizers, books, notes then I stumbled upon these words.

Yep that’s my writing. I like to jot down quotes when there are too many around and I can’t memorize them all. I just don’t like missing these words of wisdom expressed by pundits, or simply an instantaneous inspiration uttered by anyone, anything.

If you can’t read them, or simply too lazy to click it here they are:

1) Complexity for complexity’s sake is a waste of time

2) The first step towards the attainment of discovery is the humiliating confession of ignorance – Humprey Davy’s quote.

3) Un homme averti en vaut deux – Forewarned is forearmed.

I think I heard the first one during a course. The instructor spoke really fluent her majesty’s English. I love the way he annunciated each word. They were beautiful, crisp and clear. I didn’t feel sleepy, in fact, I was waiting eagerly for anymore catchy phrases and in the process mimicked his style (lol).

Looking back at the first words of wisdom, I have a story. I am not sure whether it’s a true story or not, but nevertheless it’s an entertaining one and really shows how sometimes certain things require only simple solutions. Here’s the story:

The Americans and the Russians were thinking of how to write in space. With no gravity, surely the ink from a pen wouldn’t be able to flow out. Some suggested using pneumatic pumps. Some suggested using ionized ink and coupled with ionized paper. The Americans finally came up with a costly, sophisticated pen with all its electronics and whatchamacallit and succeeded to write on a piece of paper in space using said invention. As for the Russians, they decided to use pencil. A simple, cheap, easy to maintain wooden pencil. The cost? Chicken feed. Did you get the gist? Hopefully you did.

What’s with these words of wisdom? I see them as a way to convey inspiration which forces us to go ‘Huh? Must…find…out…what…it…means…” kinda feeling. They do not directly tell you what they are trying to tell you but they bait you to find out.

Alright, I gotta stop, gotta go back to work before I get too absorbed in writing this entry. Enjoy this video! Mesmerizing voices and inspirational music!


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I was hanging out at the engineers’ room and saw a bundle of cute drawings  and this one tugged at my manly (kunun) heart and made me went “awwwwwwwwwwww”.

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You see what you want to see.

Last Saturday I met some of my old friends. One just obtained his PhD last year. In optics related field.

“So bidang yang ko amik tu pasal apa? You see what you want to see?” I asked upon hearing his answer.

“Almost, more about how we see what see”. He answered.

The convo went on and on and on and on…

You see what you want to see. The idea has been around for so long. It can be looked as an escapism idea. Opting only to see what you prefer and pushing out all the ‘hated’ elements. Not that I’m saying escapism is a negative or bad idea.

Like it or not, how positive we might deem ourselves, I believe it’s a practice we are sticking to sooooooooo unknowingly. If you’ve read ‘Blink’ the Power of Thinking Without Thinking, you will understand. The book talked about that first gut feeling that you get whenever you are presented with anything out of the ordinary or when you are facing a conflict. One example, the book mentioned a few tests, one of them was to relate race with action. The writer admitted he was not a racist person, but when he saw the word related to crime, his gut feeling spontaneously pointed to a black person’s picture. The book did talk about the positive and the power of such inspirations in past events. Read it if you want to find out more.

Like in our society, in a general environment, whenever a person asks a question he will be deemed as stupid when actually that person could have seen an issue from a different perspective, one that is not a norm and could have been an indicative potential of a genius. Or simply an attention whore. So many meanings in our actions. You pick what you want to see. You wanna see blue as blue, or blue as violet with touch of white and subtle hint of yellow or whatever.

Robin Hood.

A robber from one view. A hero from another. Then one would say, ohh but religion didn’t allow the act of stealing, matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara etc. BUT religion did give leeways for certain actions. Read pengecualian dari hukum potong tangan under the hudud law.


The western society saw it as confining, backwards, stone-aged, the wearers saw it as protection, a shield. Not my place to say whether or not you should wear it. Tepuk dada et cetera et cetera.

1 Malaysia

One part saw it as the merger of all cultures, religions, eliminating the unique elements that identify them. One part saw it as maintaining whatever identities each entity is withholding whilst understanding the rationales and building up the respect. I am of the latter view. Your God is your God, and mine is mine. I don’t care about the indigenous rights. The people who benefited the most from such rights are the big fishes.

There are a lot of issues, my God, almost everything can be looked at from differing views! Stop, listen, and understand. I’m glad that I got a religion as my datum. Some closed minded groups would call religions as the losers last plight. But they would call themselves open minded since from their view living without sticking to a certain set of rules IS opened minded. BUT they are sticking to a set of rules. The rules that say, sticking to a religion which comprises of a set of rules is an action of a bunch of close minded peeps.

What is open minded? What is close minded? You choose. I don’t. Because I don’t think such idea is a valid idea. I believe in opening yourself to new ideas, weigh them and decide afterward. See what I did in the previous para?

You say to-muh-to, I say to-may-to. You say po-tuh-to, I say po-tay-to. Whatever floats your boat.

Comments and arguments are welcome but oh please mind your manners. I don’t argue with morons, since they will drag you down to their level.

To lighten up the mood, here you go:



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