eI’m on a week holiday and man it feels sooooooooooo refreshing.

I spent 2 hours plus this morning just running, walking around the lake, the park. When I got home, I ate cakes, biskut cincin, ate my mother’s  masak lemak cili api with pumpkins and pucuk ubi, watched The Simpsons dvd season 21, basically just lazying around. Then I played the guitar, sang some songs, read some books/articles. Bliss.

This is home. It’s not a palace with guards, swimming pools and such, but this is where my heart is. That is all I need.

Not all the lyrics can be applied to my life. It’s the feel good thing that this song inspires. Ahhh…..

Edit: a lot of obvious horrendous grammatical errors. T_T

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2 Responses to “Home”

  1. faizah Says:

    wah bestnya.. dh lama x makan mknn mesia, lepaking and santai2kat rumah … then wat hobby2 yg disukai.. jealous2

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