Words are wonderful. The word  ‘wonderful’ used in the previous sentence is merely a combination of curves and straight lines to enable us to convey the feeling which represents happiness, pleasantness, positiveness. The words used in the previous sentence are merely a combination of curves and straight lines to help me to clarify what the word ‘wonderful’ in the previous previous sentence means. The problem with words is its ambiguity.

I posted a message on my FB wall saying, “Life is like Chicken Tom Yam. It’s awesome” . A few replies came up.

“Tak paham”.

“Best la kau, hidup kau senang”.

I was taken aback by these replies to be honest. Wasn’t my message direct enough? Chicken Tom Yam is awesome! It tastes like everything! Sweet, sour, tender, spicy, hot…everything. Which is like life, provided we know how to turn lemons into lemonades.  One didn’t understand at all and the other took it as a boast of my achievements (I don’t have that many to boast of, even if some think I do, itu semua dunia).

The varieties of possibilities of comprehension by different personalities scare me. I don’t know what will make them mad, what will make them happy. Thank God for the creation of emoticons, at least a small accurate portion of a sentence would help me impart the knowledge I wanted to impart in the manner I wanted to impart. I admit I am not capable of churning out well thought out sentences which would mean what they should mean all the time. I add emoticons, type words in italic, bold/underline what I want to emphasize to try my very best to express what I really wanted to express.


“Yeah… :|” and “Yeah! :D” “Yeah? ~.^”   “Yeah!!! >_<”

You guys translate those emoticons yourselves please.

The point of this entry is, I want to apologize to the people who may or may not be irritated by the messages I posted, I emailed, I whispered. Please  please please know that, my intentions in posting those messages were almost all the time positive. I wanted my message to be uplifting, a ‘You go girl/boy!”, a line that would at least make you smile (though brief), a line that would make you see lush greens in grays of haze, a line that would make you see a glimmer of hope in a dying flower, a line that would make you grit your teeth and yell (not necessarily literally) “I can do it”.

It’s easy to be negative. I’ve been there.

“Eh suara dia sedap la”

“Alah, pitch takat tu boleh la. Cuba nyanyi yang lagi tinggi”.

It’s not easy to be positive. I’ve tried that too and still working on it.

Again, I’m sorry if my words irritated, annoyed, any of you readers. Some would say I make sorry looks cheap by throwing it around so often. Trust me, that is just a view. None could prove the worth of a word. And, you can never apologize enough.

Have a great life everyone!

One of my favourite songs when it comes to karaoke although there are parts of it I have to use suara halus. Hehe. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂 .

Note: I couldn’t find any version that is playable on wordpress. Please do listen to it on youtube. Good music is good music.

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