Since the last few weeks, I’ve been literally feeding on caffeine.

Every morning, a mug of Nescafe mixed with Milo. That is amongst other things that I drink.

4 tablespoons of Milo + 1 teaspoon of Nescafe with hot water mixed in a 200 ml mug. So you can imagine how concentrated it is. Memang kaw! Oh yeah if I make my own drink, I don’t take sugar. At all.

Then come tea time, I will make another mug of the same concoction.

Night time. Another mug. Generally speaking, that is a lot of caffeine per day. Nescafe is already a caffeine filled monster and Milo is also 1/5 made of caffeine (I can’t remember the exact figure). “Why hello there Mr.Google! I’m too lazy to use you!”

Ok here’s one website to help you identify the amount of caffeine in drinks.

If you wanna know in detailed what are the consequences specifically scientifically, I’ve already introduced you to Mr.Google.

The effects that I experienced personally? I do feel energetic, enthusiastic and always ready to go.

The negatives? My lips are  dry, my throat feels parched 70% of the time, my eyes are redden, increased heartbeat, sometimes I get jittery for no reason. My mind feels active but less disorganized. I would say because of the lack of rest and sleep caused by the extra extra caffeine in my daily diet (I go to sleep at 1++ and I wake up at 4++ -.- )

Like the wise people would always say, “Too much of a good thing is not good too”. There’s a continuation to that phrase, but I forgot.

Protip: Approximately 15-20 mins before you work out/go for a run, take a small cup of hot black coffee without any sugar. It’s an effective catalyst to help you burn your body fat for a certain period and an energy booster too. Even if you look at those fatburner pills, they contain quite a lot of caffeine and usually there would be a warning saying that consumer must not take any caffeinated drinks during the consumption of  said pills.


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