Words of Power

We’ve had a bunch of Shell guys came in for audits in preparation for the bigger audit in Jan 2011 by Shell Aviation International. I love audits because of the chance to learn how issues are resolved. How the experienced guys relate politics to finance, to manpower, to technical information, to the well-being of the whole system. They would then come up with resolutions which promise the young guns (like myself) a better view of what my path would be like. When the time to reap what we sow is, and how much.

Big, heavy words were being thrown around, “The data corresponding to this maintenance practice”, “We shall conduct a debrief to reach a consensus”, “Such discrepancies shall be delegated to the appropriate parties”, “A live document shall require a continuous monitoring”, “Litigious community that we are living in today is a product of an effective information dissemination”, “When errors are being done more than a few times, it can be considered as a systemic error”, “Reporting culture is a way to continuously improve our safety”, “Dynamic documents need to be cascaded to floor crew as soon as they are available for use”, “Preliminary risk rating is not just a fancy phrase”, “Emergency response planning”, “Safety Case Meeting”, list of acronyms.

Enough. But once you are good with this kind of word games, you’d work like a super efficient machine.

“When do you stop thinking about work, Bob (not his real name, a Canadian)?” I asked a colleague. “When I am with my family or maybe when I die” he answered. This guy is really good. When people tried to screw him, I saw how it boomerang-ed back. Knowledge is power, regardless of the industry that you are working in.


My escape? Music, songs, stories (from men and the Almighty), movies, food, pictures and stupid jokes.

So here you go:

Enjoy! 🙂

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