Hoah! Jom minum?

The readers stat for yesterday was amazing (for me) because I have never really promoted my blog to anyone. Only a select few. Plus I dont write popular stuff. I write what I feel like writing, whatever that opens up the gate of ideas. Hehe the first reason I opened up a blog was to improve my written English and it did help. Now it is a medium for me to express the unexpressables (konon gempak la).

If any of you readers are my old friends, please do let me know. We can go out for drinks sometime (when I am in KL that is). If any of you are random strangers, I hold out my hand, “Hello I am Anwar, nice to have you here. Wanna lepak sometimes?”. I am serious about it 🙂 . One way to enjoy life I guess.

Thanks for stopping by, stay classy guys 😉 .

Here is one song to cheer up your day! Listen to it! I insist! Please…..


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