Along my journey, I have been trying to push myself into various fields. I’ve tried acting, singing, sports, academic stuffs, a lot. I haven’t felt tired. Frustrated sometimes, but definitely not tired.

But today is a different story. For the first time, I felt there’s just too much info I have to digest. I would say it was because the manner in which these information were presented to me and the way I acquired them.


At work there’s the critical safety issues, aircraft technical issues, departmental issues that my department has to put our hand into in order to improve the whole company’s operation, the engineers’ training issues, the aircraft spares, tools issues, audits and in between jobs, I like to read non-work related stuffs. You won’t believe how many tabs I open on my browser. I jump from one to another like a super mario on speed (type of drug). And at the moment my personal objective is to master Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters guitar chords. I’m not that good, but I know how. So I would spend what little free time I have to study the chords and the fingerworks.

One doa  amongst the doa I love “Rabbi yassir, wa la tu a’ssir rabbi tammim bil khoiri ya Karim” doa dipermudahkan segala urusan.

AND…at the end of this month, I have  engineer’s Radio license exam. It’s not compulsory, but it is a requirement if you want to go further in this industry. In avionics trade, the Radio license is the hardest of all when it comes to studying them, but when it comes to work, you rarely break a sweat because with the advancement of technologies, troubleshooting, replacement become a piece of cake.You just need to imagine a lot, because Radio involves waves. You can’t see them with the naked eye until ‘magical’ machines translate them into figures, beeps, fluctuating lines.

And I love to write. I want to write. No matter how barren my mind is of ideas.

Ok. Maybe I’ll give my mind a few hours break. Anwar, sudah.

Self Motivation: Anwar Yasser. Yang bercahaya, yang mudah. 🙂

Beautiful isn’t it?




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