Broken, beaten and scarred (literally) part 3

I think I have damaged my left knee during a football match yesterday afternoon. I was sprinting and then I came to an abrupt halt. Abrupt like really abrupt. Complete stop, before continuing to sprint again. I did not feel anything at first even after the referee blew the whistle, but when I got home  the pain started to creep in. Feels like something is jabbing the side of my left kneecap.  I couldn’t sleep because of that. Probably would get it checked tomorrow/today. Hence, I decided maybe I should finish up this weird episodes of literal physical damage. Hmm for some reason feels like I’m living up to the title of this entry. Sudah, jangan mengarut.


My phone rang again,” Anwar, datang malam sikit boleh?”

“Boleh, no hal. Malam pukul berapa tu?”

“Pukul 8 boleh?”

“Boleh, boleh no hal”

At 8 o clock I was in front of her house. Her kids carried the cakes and placed them on the front seat. Nampak macam dwarven army pun ada, sebab diorang berjalan beratur dalam satu barisan. Comel! The smell was awesome :8)~.

After some small chat, I said my goodbyes and drove away. Dropped 1 cake at my aunt’s house and headed towards my father’s house in KJ.

“Pa, nah, makanlah”

“Terima kasih, eh ada udang galah kat dapur tu. Pa beli dekat Kuala Selangor kejap tadi. Ambiklah, pa belanja”.

I didn’t stay long, it was close to 9++ p.m. I drove back to Taman Midah and had my dinner, played some songs, and went to sleep.


Same agenda, woke up early, and went for that long run again. The weather was beautiful. Hello sunrise! The view was breathtaking. The ray of the sun gently caress all that was in its path replenishing emptied wills, comforting souls who were scared of the darkness prior.

I ran faster than yesterday and much further. I wanted to be on the edge of fatigue, I was looking for the sensation of being alive. My back was begging me to stop, my thighs were burning, my calves were beginning to tense really bad, showing signs of cramps but my spirit was pushing me to keep on running. I had all the willpower I needed to keep on running. This was the feeling I was looking for. A fight between the physical limitations and and the relentless drumming of the mental power.

I stopped at last. I felt every bone in my body vibrating, every strand of muscle contracting, my lungs expanded and my vision unable to interpret whatever that was in my sight into comprehensible messages because my energy level was drained down to the last drop that was needed to maintain my sanity. I felt alive. Slowly I walked around the lake, basking in the sunlight, inhaling every possible smell that could be floating around, recovering little by little. Then I walked home. The journey back was painful. But I felt satisfied. I was partially limping but I didn’t mind. Not as capek as  Si Capek dalam drama Si Capek though.

At home, I had a hearty breakfast then I played my guitar. Man, I didn’t have a chance to go to KLCC, but there should be a next time.

“Flying back to Miri this evening. Sigh, wish I would have more time to meet all of my old friends.”

See you next time KL. Home is where the heart is.

My housemates and I have been practicing this song lately. I am the vocalist, and he’s on the guitar. Awesome song and awesome lyrics.


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