Broken, beaten and scarred (literally) part 2

It’s not good to leave an unfinished post halfway and continue with other post which speaks of totallay different topics/issues. It’s like you were about to make a mug of coffee, you poured the hot water in, and then you left it to do other things, gardening for example. When you returned, the water turned cold, and you forgot which kind of coffee that you wanted or you even forgotten why did you pour the water into the mug.


Saturday, my father’s house, KJ. My stepmother cooked Rendang ayam, crispy slices of salted terubuk fish fried with onions and dried chillies, boiled kerang (oh my oh my, I can’t remember what is kerang in English!!! I know KERRANG is a rock magazine based in the UK, I think they took the name from the sound of the electric guitar-too lazy to google)

“Hah makanlah, tambah lagi”, my father told me. “Ni wa tambah ni, tapi kena save space sikit untuk kenduri kawan wa”. The meat was cooked perfectly, the crispy salted fish opened up my appetite like releasing a hungry hungry hippo from confinement. The kerang, oh well I didn’t touch the kerang. I was focusing on the chicken and the salted fish and the chicken and the salted fish and the chicken and the salted fish.

“Oklah Pa, wa gerak dulu. Nanti insyaAllah malam wa singgah kejap hantar kek yang wa dah tempah”.

“Tempah kat mana?”

“Online, tapi memang sedap, worth it la”.

The traffic on Federal Highway towards KL was not that congested. Syukur, but…on reaching Jalan Hang Tuah…facepalm. I’ve forgotten how awful the traffic in KL could become. Luckily I managed to slip in between cars and used the road through Kampung Pandan.

One of the main reasons I wanted to attend his wedding was because, he helped me a lot during our university years. He was the blunt type, if you were no good, he’d tell you in the face, that you were no good. I like this kind of people because you know they do not fake their perceptions towards you. But not many can be patient when they encounter such persona. You’ve gotta be able to absorb first and when you think you got enough ammo, that’s the time you should counter back. They usually are willing to listen if your points are strong enough.

“Gila ahh Yasser, ko turun dari Miri semata-mata nak datang kenduri aku?? Terharu sehh. Gila sial, terharu aku sial”, he said upon greeting me. “No hal lahh Cik Suden, kita belajar sekali kot dulu. Ko banyak tolong aku dowh. Nanti ko turun kerja Bintulu balik, bawakla bini ko sekali, lepas tu turun Miri kita pegi ronda-ronda”, I answered. “Oniey, ni la Yasser. Member time uni, kat facebook, kat Sarawak”, he introduced me to his wife. “Eh aku pegi makan dulu ek?” I ate with a bunch of other old friends. I still remember when Suden told me he wouldn’t get married till he reached the age of 35. He wanted to be a capitalist. He even got a contractor’s license, not sure which class. Now he works as a project manager in Bintulu.


“Apa yang tiba-tiba menyebabkan ko nak kawen ni Sudin? Bukan ko nak jadi kapitalis dulu ke? Hehe” I asked him when he told me of his plan. He was in Miri at that time. We were having lunch together. “Tulah Yasser. Itu semua plan. Tapi aku sudah jumpa yang berjaya menyebabkan aku rasa aku perlukan diala. Aku rasa senang dengan dia. Last-last aku bagitau orang tua aku, aku nak kawen. Ko macam mana?” he asked me back. I smiled “Aku susah nak jatuh cinta la cik Sudin. Bukan memilih, tapi entah lah, tak tergerak pun. Aku pun senang nak gerak takde strings attached“, I answered. “Ko kena plan jugak Yasser, sampai bila” he looked at me. “Eleh lu nak racun gua. Tak habis-habis nak psycho dari dulu lagi”, I answered. We laughed.

After bidding Sudin goodbye, I walked out of the hall towards my car. There was an accident on the main road in front of the hall. I was looking at the scene whilst walking away, sekali, “Bedebap, ADOI!” take that. Jatuh longkang.There was a family nearby and the kids were laughing. The parents looked like they were trying to contain their laugh in. Hilang macho gua cakap sama lu semua. Nasib baik Rayban memang anti scratch. Kalau tak menangis sikit la di dalam hati. I scarred both of my kneecaps. Nasib baik pakai jeans, takdela terkoyak. Pergelangan kaki dengan lutut-lutut ada terasa sengal sikit la. Eh cakap Melayu.


Off to Shah Alam. Traffic was awesome. No jam. Smooth driving till Shah Alam. “Salam Puan, kek dah siap?”

“Datang malam boleh tak? Dalam pukul 7?”

“Okeh no hal”

My aunt’s house. Makan lagi. Ayam masak merah. Chicken cooked red?

“Enda, kek tak siap lagi la enda. Malam baru siap.”

“Eh apasal susah-susah?”

“Takde susah nye pun. Call and book je. Lagipun Kemal dengan Nadia dah post kat facebook”.

Ok, I have to do this in 3 parts. The next one will be the final. Tiba-tiba ilham datang mencurah-curah and this entry is too long already.

When I was in university, this song was amongst the songs that you would hear blaring from one of the computers in the house early in the morn. Boys will be boys. Cant say no to beautiful women. Tajuk macam ganas, tapi video klip agak O.o .


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2 Responses to “Broken, beaten and scarred (literally) part 2”

  1. gd Says:

    kerang = cockles

    congratulations sudin! and what do people say about rubbernecking?? kan dah….. hehehe…

  2. anwar777 Says:

    wah didn’t expect people to leave any comments. Thanks! Hehe biasala Sudin.

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