Broken, beaten and scarred (literally) part 1

The end of the Blessed All Along Chronicles was quite an idea stopper. I’m not sure why but it felt like the end of all ends. Hmmm. Had to scour the universe of my mind for issues, haunting conflicts and the likes. It’s a pleasant sensation due to the calming effect. No more assumptions and no more uncertainties. But no sparks. Mengada-ngada, be grateful you ingrate! (ini monologue ni). Bila tiada issue mahu issue.


Last weekend was a tummy filling, back breaking, thigh tearing, calves crunching, kneecaps scarring, ankles twisting, soles stamping weekend.


I brought back home a big luggage full of salted terubuk fish, Sarawak layer cakes and Biskut Cincin (my sister’s request).

Friday Night

I didn’t eat when I arrived home from the airport, just a bottle of mineral water and then I played my guitar and I went to sleep. The guitar was out of tune, had to tune it first. Ini pun mau cerita, suda tiada idea la tu. The plan was to be up early for the longed long morning run.


6 a.m. Woke up, bathed and prayed. Checked my Sony MP3 player, transferred a couple of new songs in. Man 2GB is really small nowadays. Drank a cup of raspberry juice, did a light stretching exercise.

“Makan la dulu wa”, said my mother. “Balik nanti wa makan”. 6:45 a.m. Off I went. The weather was a bit cloudy. I was hoping it would turn out better later. The road was empty, Taman Midah was still sleeping. “That’s it stay asleep, leave the roads for me”, I said to myself whilst pacing down the hill towards Tasik Permaisuri.

The air was fresh, and smelled a bit of grass and rain. The gray cloudy weather marred the supposedly lush green trees. The heat from the tarmac which seeped through my shoes soles felt welcoming. “Ok, no mellow songs, I want fast songs, I want highly spirited songs. I want to run like a crazy person”. My favourite running path, from my house in Taman Midah, down the hill to Flat Sri Sabah, then continue to run towards HUKM, then turn left at the  T-junction headed towards SM Jalan Cheras and head towards Sri Permaisuri, then continue along the outer radius of the park until the DBKL’s horses’ stable, then follow the path in towards the big lake, then run around the lake at least 3 times and then I would usually stop running and would walk around the park again and if I have any leftover energy I would stop somewhere random and maybe do some pilates.Then I would drag my body back home using the same path that I came.

9.30 a.m. The smell of fried spaghetti, fried chicken,  assaulted my nose . The yums!

“Apa plan kamu hari ni wa?”

“Wa nak pergi rumah Papa kejap kat KJ lepas tu pergi Ampang, tengok member wa kawen, lepas tu lepak jap kot kat rumah Enda kat Shah Alam, lepas tu wa baliklah”.

“Eh Nis, pasangla dvd concert lain, yang ni agak boring”. “Gwen Stefani ade”, my mother interrupted. “Hmmm pasang Michael Buble lah” said I. Mandi balik running pun belum lagi. After a few songs, my phone rang and it was my father, haha I almost forgot. I blame ‘the joy of doing nothing’ with a full tummy.

“Hah kamu kat mana dah?” asked my father

“Baru nak gerak :P” he couldn’t see the emoticon. It was close to 11. I sped on Federal Highway like a speed demon unleashed. 150 km/h dekat federal, memang cari nahas. Tapi nasib baik tak jumpa.


Ok I have to do this in 2 parts. This entry is pointless really. Just to quench my thirst for writing. To write meaningful stuffs, I need issues, unresolved conflicts. Hmmm better be careful of what I said. Sekali dapat issues/conflicts, tak tidur malam dibuatnya.

Ok, to be continued.

This is one of those songs that would cause me to increase my speed whilst running. Her act in the official video reminded me of Jubilation Lee aka Jubilee from the X-Men Series.





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