eI’m on a week holiday and man it feels sooooooooooo refreshing.

I spent 2 hours plus this morning just running, walking around the lake, the park. When I got home, I ate cakes, biskut cincin, ate my mother’s  masak lemak cili api with pumpkins and pucuk ubi, watched The Simpsons dvd season 21, basically just lazying around. Then I played the guitar, sang some songs, read some books/articles. Bliss.

This is home. It’s not a palace with guards, swimming pools and such, but this is where my heart is. That is all I need.

Not all the lyrics can be applied to my life. It’s the feel good thing that this song inspires. Ahhh…..

Edit: a lot of obvious horrendous grammatical errors. T_T

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Shoot the trouble.

Trouble is a part of life. People made tons of money by solving troubles/problems. But what I will touch on is not how to solve your life’s troubles although some of the principles that I will suggest might be applicable to our everyday routine.

What I will write about is how engineers usually attack a problem if it’s part of their job requirements.I will speak from my point of view as an aircraft maintenance engineer. Mostly will be related to the avionics side.

1) Knowledge

You gotta know the aircraft that you are working on. The company that you are working for is responsible in making sure that you are well versed with the type of aircraft that the company owns. This can be achieved by sending you for the aircraft specific type course. Supposedly, when you finished the course, you’d be able to understand how the systems for that particular aircraft work. Assuming you got your basic, fundamentals all checked out ok, the rest of the practical skills, maintenance approach will improve over time.

2) Understand

Before the pilot(s) leave the aircraft, they would write down in the logbook of any defects, anomalies that they experienced during the flight. Read the description properly. If you could, converse with the pilot(s) of the defects that they have experienced. Verbal communication is much more effective than a written one.

3) History

If the defect is repetitive, check the past logs. You should be able to get an idea of what has been done by the previous signatories. You could have skipped a few steps if there were history of said defects and go ahead to attempt un-attempted solution (s).

4) Occam’s Razor

I love this idea so much. “The simplest explanation is most likely the correct one”. The concept behind this line is much much more complex. But let’s take it as it is.

Assuming you are well versed with the system, test the most simplest, easiest to reach component first. These components are usually placed in places where they are susceptible to elements such as heat, vibration, high voltage cables etc but usually easiest to reach. Sometimes a snag can be caused by an avionics equipment box which moved a few micro inches from their slot. A simple re-racking of said item could have easily solve the trouble. Only when the trouble doesn’t go away you proceed to the next component (s).

5) Refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance manual

This concept has been hammered into the mind of aircraft maintenance engineers since the day they enrolled as apprentice. No info is much more accurate than the ones published by the manufacturer(s). They even published troubleshooting manuals which are usually incorporated in the maintenance manual to facilitate the users. But the problem with troubleshooting manuals is they like to take you for a detour first. It’s part  and parcel of their marketing strategies, they want you to change everything before finding the real culprit. Initially, younger engineers will follow these manuals to the dot, but as years of experience build up, they should be able to spot the common cause although they will have to refer to the manufacturer’s manual from time to time as it is a dynamic document. The info will change, will be improved, will be altered due to a lot of factors, namely modification, introduction of new regulations and so on.

6) No stupid question in aviation

People who ridicule you for asking questions in aviation don’t deserve the honour to serve in this industry. To not be in the know is a risk you pose on the passengers of the aircraft that you are working on. If you don’t know, ask. Not knowing is a phase. You decide how long you want to be in that phase and how long you want to risk the lives of the passengers. Those-who-know were once not in the know. How do they know what they know? Magic? Go figure.

Ok, enough. Back to my books. I love questions related to troubleshooting when sitting for examination. They open up a world of possibilities.

Fun song.

Dexter Holland, the vocalist for The Offspring is one of the figures that I look up to in life. He got a bachelor’s degree in Biology, Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology, dumped his Phd when he wanted to concentrate on the band, is a licensed airlines transport pilot, and a certified flight instructor. In other words, he is a genius in his own way.

Edit: Bah, damn you piracy. Up to you if you wanna hear the song. Not everyone’s cup of tea me thinks.

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Words are wonderful. The word  ‘wonderful’ used in the previous sentence is merely a combination of curves and straight lines to enable us to convey the feeling which represents happiness, pleasantness, positiveness. The words used in the previous sentence are merely a combination of curves and straight lines to help me to clarify what the word ‘wonderful’ in the previous previous sentence means. The problem with words is its ambiguity.

I posted a message on my FB wall saying, “Life is like Chicken Tom Yam. It’s awesome” . A few replies came up.

“Tak paham”.

“Best la kau, hidup kau senang”.

I was taken aback by these replies to be honest. Wasn’t my message direct enough? Chicken Tom Yam is awesome! It tastes like everything! Sweet, sour, tender, spicy, hot…everything. Which is like life, provided we know how to turn lemons into lemonades.  One didn’t understand at all and the other took it as a boast of my achievements (I don’t have that many to boast of, even if some think I do, itu semua dunia).

The varieties of possibilities of comprehension by different personalities scare me. I don’t know what will make them mad, what will make them happy. Thank God for the creation of emoticons, at least a small accurate portion of a sentence would help me impart the knowledge I wanted to impart in the manner I wanted to impart. I admit I am not capable of churning out well thought out sentences which would mean what they should mean all the time. I add emoticons, type words in italic, bold/underline what I want to emphasize to try my very best to express what I really wanted to express.


“Yeah… :|” and “Yeah! :D” “Yeah? ~.^”   “Yeah!!! >_<”

You guys translate those emoticons yourselves please.

The point of this entry is, I want to apologize to the people who may or may not be irritated by the messages I posted, I emailed, I whispered. Please  please please know that, my intentions in posting those messages were almost all the time positive. I wanted my message to be uplifting, a ‘You go girl/boy!”, a line that would at least make you smile (though brief), a line that would make you see lush greens in grays of haze, a line that would make you see a glimmer of hope in a dying flower, a line that would make you grit your teeth and yell (not necessarily literally) “I can do it”.

It’s easy to be negative. I’ve been there.

“Eh suara dia sedap la”

“Alah, pitch takat tu boleh la. Cuba nyanyi yang lagi tinggi”.

It’s not easy to be positive. I’ve tried that too and still working on it.

Again, I’m sorry if my words irritated, annoyed, any of you readers. Some would say I make sorry looks cheap by throwing it around so often. Trust me, that is just a view. None could prove the worth of a word. And, you can never apologize enough.

Have a great life everyone!

One of my favourite songs when it comes to karaoke although there are parts of it I have to use suara halus. Hehe. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂 .

Note: I couldn’t find any version that is playable on wordpress. Please do listen to it on youtube. Good music is good music.

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Since the last few weeks, I’ve been literally feeding on caffeine.

Every morning, a mug of Nescafe mixed with Milo. That is amongst other things that I drink.

4 tablespoons of Milo + 1 teaspoon of Nescafe with hot water mixed in a 200 ml mug. So you can imagine how concentrated it is. Memang kaw! Oh yeah if I make my own drink, I don’t take sugar. At all.

Then come tea time, I will make another mug of the same concoction.

Night time. Another mug. Generally speaking, that is a lot of caffeine per day. Nescafe is already a caffeine filled monster and Milo is also 1/5 made of caffeine (I can’t remember the exact figure). “Why hello there Mr.Google! I’m too lazy to use you!”

Ok here’s one website to help you identify the amount of caffeine in drinks.


If you wanna know in detailed what are the consequences specifically scientifically, I’ve already introduced you to Mr.Google.

The effects that I experienced personally? I do feel energetic, enthusiastic and always ready to go.

The negatives? My lips are  dry, my throat feels parched 70% of the time, my eyes are redden, increased heartbeat, sometimes I get jittery for no reason. My mind feels active but less disorganized. I would say because of the lack of rest and sleep caused by the extra extra caffeine in my daily diet (I go to sleep at 1++ and I wake up at 4++ -.- )

Like the wise people would always say, “Too much of a good thing is not good too”. There’s a continuation to that phrase, but I forgot.

Protip: Approximately 15-20 mins before you work out/go for a run, take a small cup of hot black coffee without any sugar. It’s an effective catalyst to help you burn your body fat for a certain period and an energy booster too. Even if you look at those fatburner pills, they contain quite a lot of caffeine and usually there would be a warning saying that consumer must not take any caffeinated drinks during the consumption of  said pills.


For the past few days I’ve been complaining of the lack of excitement in my daily routine. Until this morning, I was feeling lethargic…

and then suddenly I saw this….

I squealed….in my heart. Hehe. I missed his first visit. Not gonna miss this one.

And then I went to one of my favourite blogs and I read this:

If I can choose to have anyone in the world as friends, I’d still pick you brats.

The statement was directed at her friends but the sincerity it carried was radiating through my monitor. The sentence was alive, is alive.

And then my friend shared this video on FB…

Ya Allah, the beautiful feelings inspired by all these 3 elements overwhelmed my senses and I decided not to go out for lunch. I wanna sit in the darkness of my office enjoying every moment. Am I crying? Nah. Really? Uhh nah. 🙂

I think Creep is my 2010 song. I will probably upload the video of me singing/strumming the guitar to this song. No promises 😉 .

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He who knows…

From an old Arabic proverb,

He who knows not and knows not he knows not: he is a fool-shun him.
He who knows not and knows he knows not: he is simple-teach him.
He who knows and knows not he knows: he is asleep-wake him.
He who knows and knows he knows: he is wise-follow him.

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Words of Power

We’ve had a bunch of Shell guys came in for audits in preparation for the bigger audit in Jan 2011 by Shell Aviation International. I love audits because of the chance to learn how issues are resolved. How the experienced guys relate politics to finance, to manpower, to technical information, to the well-being of the whole system. They would then come up with resolutions which promise the young guns (like myself) a better view of what my path would be like. When the time to reap what we sow is, and how much.

Big, heavy words were being thrown around, “The data corresponding to this maintenance practice”, “We shall conduct a debrief to reach a consensus”, “Such discrepancies shall be delegated to the appropriate parties”, “A live document shall require a continuous monitoring”, “Litigious community that we are living in today is a product of an effective information dissemination”, “When errors are being done more than a few times, it can be considered as a systemic error”, “Reporting culture is a way to continuously improve our safety”, “Dynamic documents need to be cascaded to floor crew as soon as they are available for use”, “Preliminary risk rating is not just a fancy phrase”, “Emergency response planning”, “Safety Case Meeting”, list of acronyms.

Enough. But once you are good with this kind of word games, you’d work like a super efficient machine.

“When do you stop thinking about work, Bob (not his real name, a Canadian)?” I asked a colleague. “When I am with my family or maybe when I die” he answered. This guy is really good. When people tried to screw him, I saw how it boomerang-ed back. Knowledge is power, regardless of the industry that you are working in.


My escape? Music, songs, stories (from men and the Almighty), movies, food, pictures and stupid jokes.

So here you go:

Enjoy! 🙂

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