Blessed all along (part 4.4)

After rereading what I wrote about my university years, I would say I have been unfair in saying that those years were totally dull. I’ve joined the UiTM Paragliding Club as part of a collaboration between the Engineering Faculties (Mechanical and Electrical) with the Sports Science Faculty. I’ve done it twice. The first one was at a dam near Batu Caves, I forgot the name. The second one was somewhere in Kuala Selangor. The chairman of the club, a girl, got stuck on top of one of the mangrove trees and we had to go and rescue her. The tree was like 3-storey building tall and the tide was coming in. I did not want to think what were the things that were wriggling in between our toes underneath the water, the mud, I just focused on the task at hand. We had to be fast as the sun was going down, and the squirming and the cold, the gooey stuff didn’t help in alleviating the situation.

As for me when it was my turn to fly, I landed on top of a roof of a temple nearby the landing field. I blame the wind. Chewah >_> .

Paragliding is an extreme sport which requires supervision of  experts. We were given repetitive trainings and precautions. During launch, one would have to run down a slope of a hill and the rising hot air along the slope would push the wing to expand and propel the person upwards. Control is achieved via 2 tug handles on the left and right side of the pilot which will alter the profile of the wing to help achieve the desired flight path.


A lot were asking me why would I want to go to Miri? Leaving KL and all its glamour, its lifestyle. Well my answer was, I wanted to challenge myself. I’ve worked in a locally dominated environment and truth be told, it was getting old, boring. KLIA was a different story, I love every second being  there. Someday in the future I would see myself working there again.

KL lifestyles? Clubbing? Partying? Sorry, call me boring but I don’t do that. Think about it, I worked in a noisy place, my ears were almost constantly assaulted by the blaring of the turbine engines and people expected me to go and torture them some more with the vibrating bass from these clubs? Plus I hate being in a crowded place for no reason. I love music but that is not the way I enjoy it. I listen to the lyrics, the way the emotion of a song is conveyed, the way the bass guitar controls the solidity of the flow, the way the guitar riffs cry the acoustics of the core message, the way the drums amplify each line with each beat, the unknown emotions that it stirs.


Life in Miri is calm. The city itself is clean although not as happening as KL with its gigantic malls, sky scrapping buildings, I would say Miri is a lovable town. Most of the expatriates love Miri. It has a little bit of everything for everyone.

I came here with a new motivation, “Do my best and see what are my unexplored potentials”.

I will not describe my company, its staff and operations because I don’t think it’s appropriate. What I will say is, I am glad that I have chosen to come here because the possibilities for me to further expand my career are actually really wide and promising. The only catch? I have to be away from my beloveds. It’s an agonizing thought sometimes but a man gotta do what a man gotta do. Hopefully in the future, what I picked would contribute to the happiness that I have been searching for. No, let me rephrase that, I will work my hardest to make sure that what I have picked would contribute to the happiness that I have been searching for. I will try my best or don’t try at all.

to be continued…


Some of my friends questioned why did I like to hear to the ‘Creep’ song by Radiohead repetitively. Here’s my answer. I couldn’t get enough of the emotion of the song.

The guitars accompanying the song, the voice, and the best part when Thom Yorke cried “RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN”. He was begging the listeners to sulk with him. I couldn’t help it and I have to enjoy the sadness that he was preaching.


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