Blessed all along (part 4.2)

I came to work this morning realizing that I finished off most of the tasks for this week before Aidiladha so I decided maybe I could squeeze in  a new entry today in between paperwork and all that.

I can’t stop thinking of the conversation that I had with one licensed engineer 2 days before. We were chatting about our work, our experience and I found out that he could fly a helicopter too! I was amazed. This was an example of a perfect aviation man. An engineer cum pilot. He told stories of how he used to take his family for a joyride and they would hover near their home in Canada, and how he gave a ‘lift’ to a random guy when he landed near a gas station who was heading the way he was headed. When they landed near the guy’s working place, all his bosses came out and were like astonished because the guy was like a delivery boy or something. What amazed me more was the fact that he had 1500 flying hours for a Bell 206! That amount of flying hours for a helicopter takes a really really long time to accumulate simply because choppers don’t usually travel for more than 6 hours per flight. It all depends on the design, the weather and a chopper is really really an  extreme machine with all the stresses, the vibration that it has to endure.

Man, I guess that’s one more thing added to my ‘to-do’ list. I want to be able to take my family for a joyride sometimes!


In preparing for the 2nd oral exam, I read and observed my job like an eagle observing the field for its potential prey. I wanted to absorb as much as I could. I would ask the experienced engineers the why  of their actions, the how, the tips and almost every question that crossed my mind. “There is no stupid question in aviation”. A motto I held onto firmly. It’s better to be ridiculed now than to regret for your whole life for doing a mistake which might cost lives just because you felt too big to ask.

With such attitude, I gained trust from my superiors when I worked in KLIA and when I worked in Subang. “Eh Yasser (people called me using that name in MAS) kapal Korea panggil mintak tolong kejap, A330, ko pergi tengok nanti kalau agak-agak tak boleh ko panggil Chew”, asked my Lead Engineer. “Ok, on my way”. The Korean Stewardesses that I saw were beautiful. Just like the ones in the K-Drama. Fair, porcelain skin. “One light is not working near one of the seats at the back. We’ve tried restarting the whole system but nothing”, said the Chief Stewardess. As I was headed there, a voice called me in Malay,”Sini encik”, came from a Chinese stewardess who looked like a Korean.

“Eh, you Malaysian ke?”

“Ya orang Malaysia. Rosak apa ni encik?”

And the conversation went on and on and I bid her goodbye and safe journey.

“You tak mintak no phone dia ke?” an engineer asked me. “Tak, small chat ja”.

“Apa la… Itu chance baik punya pun you tak ambil. You gay ke?”

“Apsal? You ada lelaki yang seswai untuk I ke?” and we burst into laughter.


When I was preparing for the 2nd attempt, I read a lot. When I got tired, I would go for a blog-walk. Just to let whichever brain hemisphere you used for the technical parts to relax and use the other one.

As of that time, I’ve already favourited the blog of the young lady that I mentioned in the previous entry. Her entries surprisingly didn’t bore me. I was drawn to it because of the sincerity that was reflected. She was not trying to impress anybody. She was being herself. For that alone, I was hooked…on to her blog, irregardless of topics.

“Melambung-lambung hati bila baca”. For some reason, this phrase got stuck in my brain. Maybe because of the pleasant imagery that it brought with it; Happy  little kids, running across an open field, with model aircraft in their hands, butterflies flying around, birds chirping delightful morning song, a bunch of adults having a picnic, sitting on a  red and white checkered mattress with a rattan basket filled with muffins, pastries on the side, and various fruit juices in fancy bottles. Now I’m hungry, seriously hungry.

But back to the topic, I learned that she was happy by being herself. My ustazah once told me, fitrah hati ni suci. If you let yourself follow the fitrah of the heart you will be happy. I was not happy with who I was. I was trying to feed my ego. The thing with ego is, it’s never full. In a way it drives you to do your best but at the same time you will be neglecting the need to respect, the need to love, the need to have empathy, the need to sympathize for those around you, especially those who are closely related.

Through her writings I began to see these truths. The truths that I have been craving to grab.

To be continued…

The lyrics to this song used to haunt me as it spoke of directly what I was trying to do in certain phase of my life. But as the word implies, a ‘phase’ is  temporary and it would be a very good teacher if you knew or shown the way  on how to tackle it.





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