Blessed all along (part 4.0)

I met my long lost aunt in Shah Alam when I was in the 2nd or 3rd semester in UiTM I think. She is my father’s only sister. Not a day passes by without me thanking Allah for giving me the chance to know and to meet her and her family. I still remember when I was little, during one of my family’s visits to her house in KL, she insisted that I called her “Ibu”. I can’t recall much of the memories that we’ve been through together except for that visit to Zoo Negara. She was as how I remembered she was when I first met her in Shah Alam,”Cium pipi dulu…”. Gentle and loving.

Edit: 16th Nov 10, I desperately need a grammar police. My mind tongues are intertwined already.


After I got my diploma, I was praying so hard for the private school which conducted the trainee aircraft maintenance engineer program to open up recruitment. Everyday my mother would nag about how stubborn I was. How blinded I was to today’s need to have a degree in hand. I just kept quiet and there sometimes would be war of words and I usually would end it up with, “Mama tunggu je lah, nanti wa buktikan. Wa cuma perlukan restu je”.

“Kita dah terima resume awak, mungkin bulan 12 nanti ada recruitment. Kami pun buka recruitment kalau ada permintaan dari mana-mana company in the industry”, said the young lady’s voice on the phone to me. “Bulan 12? Kalau macam tu saya masuk degree dulu la”, I answered. And so I got the offer for a degree program in Mechanical Engineering in UiTM Shah Alam and registered in July or somewhere around that. It was just because I wanted to please my mother’s heart. Before that I have been scouting for any TAME program around Malaysia, but failed to find any that was convincing enough. I could have joined MAS program but the duration was ughh…5 years. I was also looking for means to continue my studies in the aerospace design industry. I have been playing ping pong mails with Embry Riddle University in the US and also the Wichita State University. But there were just too many requirements especially at that time if you were a muslim, they would investigate your details down to the colour of the underwear you were wearing.Tapi tulah…saaaayaaaaaaang sangat nak tinggal aviation. I would do anything to stay in this industry.


There I was in the degree program, studying reluctantly, always finding the faults in the ways the program was conducted. I wrote about it before in this entry. So I am not gonna repeat what I’ve written before.

Let’s jump to the day when I first went for my oral exam for the license. For those who are not in the know, the oral exam would only be conducted once you passed the written examination which consisted of 4 essays and hundreds of multiple choice questions. The passing mark? 70% for essay and 75 % for the MCQ.

Surveyor: “Orang mana?”

Me: “I was born in Perak, so yeah orang Perak”.

Small insignificant chat here.

Surveyor: “Who wrote the Airworthiness Notices?”

The problem with me was, I liked to think too much and interpreted things into too many interpretation.

Me:”The law? well it should be based on what the people want then…”then he stopped me

Surveyor:”No, no who wrote it? Direct question.”

Me: “If that was a direct question, then it would be the Director General”

Surveyor: “How do you know?”

Me: “It’s written down on every page at the end of a notice?”

Surveyor: “Betul ke? Jom kita check. Hah nasib baik betul!” he smiled a wicked smile

The exam didn’t touch any technical aspects at all, we were talking about the air legislation for an hour and at the end of it all,”Awak ni tahu, tapi tak cukup tahu. Macam awak nak pergi Penang, tapi bila sampai Taiping, awak cakap Taiping tu Penang. Macam la jugak kalau awak nak masak Mee Bandung, awak kena cukup bahan baru jadi! Macam ni lah, saya bagi awak 3 bulan, lepas tu awak apply balik then we will call you back for another oral”

“3 bulan?? Tak boleh ke pendekkan lagi Haji?”

“Ehh study betul-betul 3 bulan tu” that was how it was. You failed, wait another 3 months and then reapply. Not re-attempt.

I didn’t really listen to what he was mumbling afterwards. I was angry because it was Ramadhan 2009 and I was hoping I would get to celebrate the raya as a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. I went through sleepless nights of reading manuals, notes, past questions. That raya was the worst for me. I refused to celebrate it because I failed my first attempt. I didn’t even go anywhere, just the mosque. I felt as if the whole world, the fate were against me. I almost lost it. The pressure was far greater than when I was about to sit for PMR or even SPM.

That surveyor, heh, a fierce Overseer, guardian of the gate to the world of the aviation maintenance industry in Malaysia. One of the reasons why the local LAEs are sought after world wide.

While waiting for the exam, I was working with MAS in KLIA. KLIA is a wonderful working environment. It’s an international working environment. I’ve met stewardesses, engineers, pilots from various countries and most importantly I’ve worked on a lot of types of aircraft. Amongst these aircraft, the one type that I loved the most is the Boeing 777-200/300. Hence my username anwar777. Maintenance wise, it was the most maintenance friendly of all the aircrafts  that I’ve worked on. I loved the design, the maintenance interface, the…everything.

to be continued…




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