Blessed all along (3.3)

Check the checker. My department has just been audited by our SEA Safety and Quality Manager. A Canadian, great guy. We chatted like old friends. You didn’t feel like as if he was checking you, he was actually helping you to help improve the whole system. I wrote this just right after he left. Man, gotta rush back home and cook dinner but I’ll finish this one first. Already got my veges chopped, chicken marinated. Just gotta throw them into the pan. Bath with lemon juice, cheese…uhm uhm. Must finish fast….


The first semester went by. Final exam was ok. DL.

2nd semester, I started to pull away from co-curricular activities. If Kesatria Negara was not a part of the CGPA, I prolly would have chopped that off too. Even, my basketball activity dwindled down. I think it was because there was no competition for us. Playing without any objectives was kinda dull simply because there would not be enough for a full court 5 on 5.

2nd semester also passed by. So dull. Another DL.

3rd Semester. My friends and I decided to move out from Kolej Jati, we rented a flat in Seksyen 7. Everything was new. No shops whatsoever. But new. I like new. Little did we know, that such freedom would lead us to one of the darkest period in our studying time. I started to develop a very keen interest in PC, PC games and became a nerd. My life was about video games, modifying my pc. I’ve spent hundreds on improving my system, on games. Maybe even thousands, I don’t know, I lost count. We set up a LAN in our house and started playing online games. We battled each other for hours. Sometimes a game would start after maghrib and only ended when the subuh call for prayer was heard. Damn you Age of Empires 2, damn you! Our studies were neglected and we began doing our assignments at the very last minute. Come final exam, our faces became pale. The result? Not so good. Take that.

Semester 4, apparently, the bad result didn’t put our mind into the right state, we forgot again. We became addicted to our games and to add to that, we got a part time lecturer for one of the core subjects who admitted he was not that good in teaching but still wanted to teach. Another failure of a semester but we didn’t fail any subjects. Failure as in not achieving what we could have achieved. My conscience started to slam my addiction. I was afraid because I have forgotten. Afraid that I might fail my family.

Semester 5, another dull semester but luckily things were getting more specific instead of the generic engineering subjects. This was it, we were on our way to become engineers who would make the aircraft fly. “Apsal you all ambik course ni? Tau tak future dia bleak?? Dekat Malaysia ni, aerospace design industry is very weak!” yelled a female lecturer when she first stepped into the classroom. Puan Wan Mazlina, a masters degree holder from Cranfield, one of the best aeronautical/aerospace universities in the world, who would later on become my academic advisor. She was right. We were ignorant, the reason she was mad was because the implementation of the program didn’t take into account what the industry actually needed. Malaysia is way too late to join the aeronautical industry to be as competitive as Boeing or Airbus. We are a consumer/user country. She was the one who suggested that we peeked into aircraft maintenance industry. The only logical way for (as I put it) us to make the aircraft fly (in Malaysia) and to enjoy a competitive salary. Semester 5, another DL.

Semester 6, we started to delve deeper into the aerospace subjects. I love this part. The lecturer for aerodynamics taught us how to look at the concept first before going into details. “Nak terbang ni, semua benda boleh terbang, kena ada udara dengan speed. Kereta bawak laju-laju pun akan terbang. Tapi if you want to control the characteristics of the flight, you have to understand the aerodynamics, the properties which influenced your flight, the attitude of your aircraft”. My interest grew exponentially. Teach me how to fly please. We learnt about wings, its profiles, the aerofoils. I was happy to have been exposed to such a concept of learning. Look at the bigger picture first, then we attack the details from the outside to the inside.

The last DL. I was not happy and neither grateful.

I didn’t want to attend the convocation, but my mother already paid for everything. She was excited about it. I was mad. Mad because I didn’t think I deserve it. I could have gotten the vice chancellor award if I didn’t throw away the 3rd and 4th semester. Till the day the convocation was held, I didn’t show any hint of happiness. That was when until I stepped out from the hall and saw my mother and my sister holding a bouquet of flowers for me. They are my world and I am theirs. They were proud to see me wearing the mortar board and the robe and yet I was hating myself. The only thing that they have to rely on. I almost broke down and cried but I managed to mask all emotion and hug her. My ego was at its best in preventing those tears from streaming down.

“Apa plan kamu wa?”. ”

“Wa nak jadi licensed aircraft maintenance engineer ma”.

“Buat apa tu?”

“Repair aircraft”.

“Apsal tak nak try pilot? Kawan mama ada pilot sorang, dia boleh tolong masuk flying school”.

“Boring ma. Wa dah main simulator, wa tak boleh focus duduk dalam cockpit tu. Kena minat betul baru boleh endure the routine”.

She stayed silent. “Kamu try masuk degree dulu”.

“Wa dah apply mechy engineering degree, dapat dapat la. Tapi wa nak try apply trainee LAE dulu kat private college kat TTDI”.

“Ma nak kamu at least ada degree wa”.

“Mama tak faham la, ni professional program. Dekat luar, it’s equivalent to a degree program, wa boleh sambung masters terus kalau wawa nak”.

to be continued…

The above is the intro video for the game which stole my 3rd and 4th semester. I love the music. I only got myself to blame really for the lack of control I’ve shown.


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  1. hisham Says:

    hohohoho… miss that moment… jom perang lagi weh… windu seh

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