Bukan pesanan penaja

This post is meant as a temporary breakaway from the “Blessed all along” series. I was too absorbed in writing them until I paid little heed to the story flow, the grammar (I need a grammar police) and the core emotion that I was trying to convey with each entry.

Skeleton notes? Nah I don’t practice them. I tried to but I found them to be restrictive as I love to let whatever popped in my mind at the time of writing to be straightaway translated into a share-able experience. Panas-panas lagi dari dapur.

The weekend is coming, and I am looking forward to writing more and more entries. I promised one of my readers to come up with one super leleh romantic tidak berharapan tahap James Blunt entry but we shall see. But my ego says….bleh screw ego. I’ll do my best whilst at the same time respecting the privacy of the persona involved. I just hope my guy friends won’t look  at me in a weird way 😛 .

It’s a shame that such a good group disbanded early. They were good dancers, awesome vocal harmony, and most importantly very creative in expressing their showmanship. I judge a lot of artist through their live performance. Walaupun macam bagus je gua, but I believe I have the right to classify what’s good and what’s not (remember, this is my pov).


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