Submerged thoughts part B

4th winching

I couldn’t feel my legs anymore when one of the instructors yelled for us to get ready for the individual winching exercise. A rescue harness would be dropped, and we would take turn to be winched up using a crane as if it was attached to a helicopter during sea rescue. The waves made the task of putting the winch harness on a pain in the rear end. I had to gulp a lot of water as a part of it got stuck on to the back of my life jacket. When all was properly donned, I gave the signal to the winch operator to lift me up. “Yoweee” the jerk of the belt on my back and the stress of being winched up made my lower body tensed and I felt a jolt in between my crotch >_< . “Relax, loosen your leg. Biar je winch tu carry you, sakit sekejap je. Kalau dekat laut, this is between life and death”.

“Ok now bukak harness tu get ready for the next session”, said one of the facilitators. I couldn’t recognize which one. “Ok walk off the edge again, and then swim to that toppled life raft, use the technique that you learned and get it back up right”. It was easy but you’d have to be ready to swim away when the bottom of the life raft fell over onto you, if not you’d be caught under and that would add to the unnecessary panic and tension. I pulled hard and managed to kick away from the falling bottom of the boat. The rescue diver nearby gave me a thumb up. That was a refreshing remark.

“Okeh dah tau macam mana kan? Pergi berenang dekat survival circle yang member kamu dah formed”. Grrr they were quite far and I could feel the fatigue creeping in and the waves…. -.- .

“Now, the last session for today except those guys from the heli company, we will practice to get on board of a life raft and we will paddle from this side to the other side. Time given is 30 secs. Group 1 go!” Phew, my group managed to complete it within the given time. Those who failed were told to repeat the exercise. At the end of it, our coveralls were sticking to our bodies and revealed our shapes, LOL. I think I was prolly the only one laughing at it. It didn’t really matter, we were tired as heck and in real life situation your body shape is the last thing that you would care about. 1st thing? Staying alive.

“Ok, peserta lain boleh dismiss, yang datang for HUET (Helicopter Underwater Evacuation Training) please move to the to the other side and if you cannot swim take the white helmet, if you can, put on the black”. Protip: From my cousin who attended the same training before, just say that you don’t know how to swim because if anything happens, you will be their first target to be rescued. Plus if you are tired, you can cheat a little. “Eh tadi awak bukan main berenang, sekarang dah tak reti?” asked one of the divers. “Penat buat saya tak reti bang”, I answered. “Saya betul tak reti berenang ni, tarik la saya pegi dummy heli tu”, I said when one of them gave me that skeptical look. Haha, pemalas. “Ok relax, lembutkan badan masa I tarik you” one answered whilst dragging me in the water. Rasa macam anak patung.


In the dummy helicopter, there were enough seats for the four of us. Once inside, there was one senior guy who looked like in his 40s wearing short tights and started yelling instructions at us. “DON’T PANIC!” . We were told to buckle our seat belts and tightened them up as if we were really really in a real helicopter. We were reminded on how to use the Emergency Breathing System (EBS).

EBS: Before the helicopter is fully submerged, the user will take in one deep breath and blow the air out into his EBS. When the user is underwater, he will use the air that he kept in the EBS to breath whilst looking for the way out. Fact: We do not fully use all the oxygen we breath in, in one inhalation. If you are calm and can control your breathing, you should be able to breath using the EBS for 2 mins++. Breathing using the EBS is achieved via the mouth, not the nose. Macam orang hisap gam bak kat instructornye.

“Ok ingat, bila pilot announced ready for ditching, check yourself for sharp object, check your belt buckle, brace yourselves for the impact! READY???”


and the dummy heli was lowered down. When the water reached waist level, I took one deep breath and blew all the air in my lungs into the EBS. The pressure on the chest started to tickle my panic button, it was exciting and scary at the same time! Then the helicopter stopped, and we unbuckled and swam our way out. “That was kinda easy”, I thought to myself. Not for my friend, he panicked and totally forgot how to breath through his mouth, he had to hold his breath and and when he emerged, his face was pale and he was mumbling incoherently. “Relax, relax bro, cuba bernafas ikut mulut sekarang,  ok?” said one of the rescue divers.

“Ok, kali ni, heli ni akan diterbalikkan. Remember don’t unbuckle until dia dah stop rotating! Bila dia rotate 1 hand on the wall, 1 hand on your belt buckle” reminder after reminder.


Submerged. And the heli began to rotate. I was startled by the change and unbuckled early! “Oh shizz, I don’t wanna fail this!” I hook both of my feet to the feet of the seat that I was on so that I would look like as if I was hanging upside down even though I’ve already unbuckled my seatbelt. The reason we were told not to unbuckle was because so that we didn’t get disorientate when the heli was upside down. When you are disorientated, you wouldn’t know which way is up and which way is down. When the heli stopped rotating, I swam out. Again, my friend panicked but this time he managed to breath using the EBS but he used the furthest exit from his seat instead of the nearby pushable window.

3rd time. Same thing. No mistake this time.

4th time. I was tired. My mind was calmed by my tiredness. I decided to do it slowly. That was when a surge of thoughts invaded my brain. As the heli was rotating in the water, I had these thoughts:

What if I were to be in a heli that was doomed (this word is heavy) to fail?

a) Have I been good enough to people?

b) Have I told my loved ones that I care for them so much?

c) Have I shown my appreciation to those who made me a better person?

d) Have my loved ones got enough of my physical presence?

e) Have I done enough for my loved ones?

f) Am I happy with who I am? and loads of other thoughts. But most revolved around my desire to make sure that the people that I cared for would at least get an idea that they were always on my mind and in my heart despite the emotion that I would show. I was the last person to emerge from the submerged dummy and the rescue divers gave me a thumbs up. I grab hold of the rescue float and one of the divers dragged me to the nearest ladder. I was spent and yet I couldn’t stop thinking. “Apahal termenung bro?” the instructor asked me. I just shake my head. I’ve decided I have to let the people that I cared for know what they meant to me, just in case if I wasn’t meant to be on this Earth for long. Who knows?



Submerged thoughts part A


Ok I kid, I kid.

3rd November, I attended a safety course intended to teach those who would be going by helis to oil rigs/platforms what to do if anything out of the normalcy happened. Out of normalcy as in, if the helicopter crashes, or the pilot decides to do an emergency landing on the water because of unrecoverable malfunction(s), the platform about to blow up or anything of the mentioned nature.

9-12 o’clock was the theories and exam session. There were 4 people in my class, 1 was a really old guy, I think he was around 50+. There were 3 of us from the same company. The instructor was a really experienced guy, and really laid back. “Next when we’re about to do the actual training, DO NOT PANIC. If you panicked, you would forget every basic step that you should do to stay alive. If you panicked, you would do the opposite instead, and you would die. Tapi kat sini, kalau ada apa-apa yang tidak kena, our divers are always ready to rescue”.

I couldn’t wait to be involved in the actual training. I saw the big pool, the dummy helicopters, the mock evacuation boat, the really high platform (from which we would have to walk off later on).

1 o’clock, we were gathered with participants from other classes.

“Ok, sebelum kita masuk ke dalam air, mari menari poco-poco dahulu, untuk warm-up” said a guy who looked like younger Sidi Oraza (Malay actor). The part of the pool that was deep was dark blue in colour and when they turned on the wave generator….there were waves! Really high waves! Some of the female participants let out a yelp. “You engineer kan? Be brave. Takda apa ni”, a facilitator comforted them.

In total, there were about 30+ participants. The others were from different programs but we joined group for that day’s session. Later, for the dummy helicopter session, there would be only 4 of us. The others didn’t need it as they would be going via different means i.e. transport boat or ship.

“Ok sekarang pakai life jacket, kita masuk air, bagi basah dulu. Berenang secara backstroke, jangan guna kaki. Learn how to conserve your energy ya.” Easy, there were a few panicked participants but they managed. One was grabbing my life jacket and was slapping the water around her causing it to splash into my eyes. I had to grab her by the arm and pull her to the closest ladder, “Relax cik, you ada life jacket, baring atas dia. Breath, breath.” My vision was blurry because of the amount of water that had entered.

1st session: Evac Boat

The boat looked like a coffin with inflated hard top. It could fit about 15 people at a time. I was given the task to check the boat first for any signs of damage and if everything was good, I would signal the commander to lead the group to enter the boat. Once we were in, the boat driver would yell for everyone to be in ‘brace position’…and the boat was released. It was not a free fall, the tackle from which the boat hung controlled the drop rate. Easy.

2nd: Vessel to vessel transfer

There were 2 floating platforms on the water. Easy exercise. The waves made it difficult but it was basic, you just jump onto the other platform when the wave pushed it upward towards you. Just like Mario brothers game.

3rd: Walk off a platform which was about 3-4 storey building high

This one was quite intimidating. “Ok remember, arms in proper position, look down for any obstacles, then just step off the platform. DON’T LEAP! Legs straigthened down!” the instructor reminded us. Still there were a few of the participants who forgot and fumbled and ended up falling like nangka busuk into the water.  When it was my turn, my God, how scary it was. I didn’t hesitate but as I was falling it felt sooooooooo long. “Weh bila nak sampai air ni???????” that was my actual thought O_O . Until, “BOOOFF!” and the buoyancy of my jacket pushed me back up. “Gotta find where the others are”, I said to myself as I was swimming around looking for them. We were then told to form survival circle as we were taught in class. At this moment, I felt how little I was when compared to the majestic sea and I was glad there were a lot of participants around. We were comforting each other and in actual situation this would be one of the most crucial steps in staying alive, keeping your mind as calm as possible and avoiding any unnecessary movement. I can’t remember how long we were in the water. The instructors would yell for us to form lines, then back to circle, then back to lines, then when we were in a line, he would tell us to swim from point A to point B whilst keeping the human chain intact. The waves made it difficult, the panicked ones made it difficult too. “Pak cik relax pak cik, saya ada kat belakang ni”, I told one old man when he was trashing around in the water looking for a hand to grab hold of. His action caused me to swallow what felt like a gallon of water . Luckily it was not real sea water I’d swallowed.  I was burping! Sambil berenang minum air T_T . On  a serious note, I would have died if it was real sea water.

To be continued… (I’ve typed too much >_<, hence need to do it in 2 parts- I promise, only 2 parts, kalau tak, rumah tak berkemas, baju tak berlipat, lauk tak termasak, and I got a football match this evening)

My mother and I both loved this movie and the songs in it. For me particularly this song, the lyrics are beautiful and the best part of this video is at 2:42 until 3:05       , lirikan mata nya, aduh, ada panah sudah menembusi hatiku. Chewah jiwang!


Teaser Teaser

The Blessed all along chronicles is coming to an end. By end, I mean, about to finish. About to reach the point of realization. The end itself will define the point of the whole chronicles. I therefore will not rush to publish it. This is one ending which I need to properly plan so the flow is fluent and the message is clear. Let those who read it shall find a new way of appreciating and enjoying every emotion with which we are  showered  everyday and yet we are so blinded to their existence because of factors beyond our control. Hopefully what I would write would contribute to gaining control of the control-able (s) in our every day life.


Not now 🙂



Blessed all along (part 4.4)

After rereading what I wrote about my university years, I would say I have been unfair in saying that those years were totally dull. I’ve joined the UiTM Paragliding Club as part of a collaboration between the Engineering Faculties (Mechanical and Electrical) with the Sports Science Faculty. I’ve done it twice. The first one was at a dam near Batu Caves, I forgot the name. The second one was somewhere in Kuala Selangor. The chairman of the club, a girl, got stuck on top of one of the mangrove trees and we had to go and rescue her. The tree was like 3-storey building tall and the tide was coming in. I did not want to think what were the things that were wriggling in between our toes underneath the water, the mud, I just focused on the task at hand. We had to be fast as the sun was going down, and the squirming and the cold, the gooey stuff didn’t help in alleviating the situation.

As for me when it was my turn to fly, I landed on top of a roof of a temple nearby the landing field. I blame the wind. Chewah >_> .

Paragliding is an extreme sport which requires supervision of  experts. We were given repetitive trainings and precautions. During launch, one would have to run down a slope of a hill and the rising hot air along the slope would push the wing to expand and propel the person upwards. Control is achieved via 2 tug handles on the left and right side of the pilot which will alter the profile of the wing to help achieve the desired flight path.


A lot were asking me why would I want to go to Miri? Leaving KL and all its glamour, its lifestyle. Well my answer was, I wanted to challenge myself. I’ve worked in a locally dominated environment and truth be told, it was getting old, boring. KLIA was a different story, I love every second being  there. Someday in the future I would see myself working there again.

KL lifestyles? Clubbing? Partying? Sorry, call me boring but I don’t do that. Think about it, I worked in a noisy place, my ears were almost constantly assaulted by the blaring of the turbine engines and people expected me to go and torture them some more with the vibrating bass from these clubs? Plus I hate being in a crowded place for no reason. I love music but that is not the way I enjoy it. I listen to the lyrics, the way the emotion of a song is conveyed, the way the bass guitar controls the solidity of the flow, the way the guitar riffs cry the acoustics of the core message, the way the drums amplify each line with each beat, the unknown emotions that it stirs.


Life in Miri is calm. The city itself is clean although not as happening as KL with its gigantic malls, sky scrapping buildings, I would say Miri is a lovable town. Most of the expatriates love Miri. It has a little bit of everything for everyone.

I came here with a new motivation, “Do my best and see what are my unexplored potentials”.

I will not describe my company, its staff and operations because I don’t think it’s appropriate. What I will say is, I am glad that I have chosen to come here because the possibilities for me to further expand my career are actually really wide and promising. The only catch? I have to be away from my beloveds. It’s an agonizing thought sometimes but a man gotta do what a man gotta do. Hopefully in the future, what I picked would contribute to the happiness that I have been searching for. No, let me rephrase that, I will work my hardest to make sure that what I have picked would contribute to the happiness that I have been searching for. I will try my best or don’t try at all.

to be continued…


Some of my friends questioned why did I like to hear to the ‘Creep’ song by Radiohead repetitively. Here’s my answer. I couldn’t get enough of the emotion of the song.

The guitars accompanying the song, the voice, and the best part when Thom Yorke cried “RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN”. He was begging the listeners to sulk with him. I couldn’t help it and I have to enjoy the sadness that he was preaching.

Blessed all along (part 4.3)

This week has been a super-fast week. Before I know it, Friday says goodbye and Saturday says hello. It’s good though. I miss KL so much. If there’s no surprise audit or courses in the coming weeks, I might go back for a few days come early Dec.  There’s wind of a new shift plan in the pipes, 20 days of working, and 10 days off, hopefully that plan comes true. I missed running near Lake Permaisuri. I miss enjoying coffee at one of the cafes in KLCC whilst watching the crowd. I miss a lot of things.


While reading the young lady’s blog I noticed 3 other blog links which she followed. One blog name caught my eye. So I clicked and I read. The blog was an epitome of humility, tranquility and an unconditional love of one mother for her family. I was surprised to come across a bag of written words which were not ashamed to admit the difficulties of her life before. Her honesty wounded my ego. Her struggle to keep her family happy reminded me why mothers were/are so revered in religions and generic moral concept. Also it gave me another idea why my mother remained strong-willed throughout her difficulties. Mothers, they always have their family first in mind. I am thankful for that.

If she didn’t remain sane, I would have probably ended up a drug addict or some sort of a useless bump crouching underneath a bridge somewhere. Nauzubillah

One thing that I was jealous of whilst perusing the content of the blog was the open expression of reciprocal love between the family members. I was too egoistical to do that. I wanted to learn how. It seemed easy but not to me. I woud learn. In Malay, masih bertatih. The last Ramadhan I managed to initiate the process. It was an enlightenment like no other. I felt refresh. I cried afterward. I was glad that little by little I was beginning to embrace such a nikmat. These blogs taught me a lot: You gotta work for your own happiness and you got nothing to lose by loving your family and expressing it and most importantly be grateful, be very grateful.


Oral exam 2nd attempt. We went through the air legislation again and this time the surveyor was happy and impressed. We went into the technical parts, a few hiccups and he couldn’t accept it. “Awak ni, anak saya dekat New Zealand dah nak habis dah doctorate dia”, he repeated the same story but this time my answer was different,” Dah jalan rezeki saya macam ni Haji, saya terima je lah”. I accepted my defeat and he gave me 2 weeks to prepare for the next attempt. For you readers info, usually for the 3rd attempt, you only need to cover the points which you failed to answer during the 2nd attempt. I promised him that I would come up with the answers for the failed questions.

3rd attempt: He was extremely happy with my answers. I showed him manual references, I mentioned terms which he wanted to hear, I gave him actual situation example. He was happy and pleased. “Sebenarnya, oral exam ni bukan setakat nak tahu betul salah je. Dia nak test your confidence. One day when you are working on the aircraft, you will have to convince the pilot, the crew, the passengers that the aircraft is safe. How to convince? Kalau you sendiri tak yakin dengan diri you?” I gave him my fullest attention. “Oklah, oral dah habis, you tunggu surat je lah”. He shaked my hand and I thanked him for the chance and the wisdom.

A week after my license was issued. For some it might have been an easy road. Not for me. Not for my batch. We had to deal with uncertainties and the wait. My God, the wait. If you asked me, part of being a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer from my experience is you have to be very good in waiting. You gotta wait to be approved for the exam, you gotta wait for your turn to sit for the exam, you gotta wait for the result of the exam (3 months after the exam!), if you failed, you gotta go to step 1 and wait some more, if you passed, you gotta wait for your turn to be interviewed, if you failed…the keypoint is wait. Man, it really was a test of perseverance. Glad I made through that.


Next step, I wanted to travel the world. “Kamu ni betul ke nak kerja kat Miri? Apasal sebenarnya?” my father asked me through the phone. “Wa nak travel the world pa. Banyak tempat wa boleh pergi dengan lesen ni”. “Habis tu bila nak settle down? Kamu kena ingat, a rolling stone gathers no moss”.

“Wa tahu. Wa malas nak pikir dulu benda-benda tu. Jadi jadilah. Lagipun company yang wa nak join ni collaborate dengan international punya company. Who knows pa. “

“Mama tak kisah kamu nak kerja dekat mana wa, tapi ingat who you are. Jangan tinggal agama”.

I was afraid. But due to the lessons I’ve learned I was letting my ambition to be my guidance and my pillar.

And the earth becomes my throne

I adapt to the unknown

Under wandering stars I’ve grown

I ask no one~Metallica (Black Album) Wherever I May Roam (Chorus goes like: “Anywhere I roam, where I lay my head is home)

To be continued…

I was 11 when I learned of the album. I think it was my cousin who influenced me. Lyrically, Metallica is amongst the best.




Blessed all along (part 4.2)

I came to work this morning realizing that I finished off most of the tasks for this week before Aidiladha so I decided maybe I could squeeze in  a new entry today in between paperwork and all that.

I can’t stop thinking of the conversation that I had with one licensed engineer 2 days before. We were chatting about our work, our experience and I found out that he could fly a helicopter too! I was amazed. This was an example of a perfect aviation man. An engineer cum pilot. He told stories of how he used to take his family for a joyride and they would hover near their home in Canada, and how he gave a ‘lift’ to a random guy when he landed near a gas station who was heading the way he was headed. When they landed near the guy’s working place, all his bosses came out and were like astonished because the guy was like a delivery boy or something. What amazed me more was the fact that he had 1500 flying hours for a Bell 206! That amount of flying hours for a helicopter takes a really really long time to accumulate simply because choppers don’t usually travel for more than 6 hours per flight. It all depends on the design, the weather and a chopper is really really an  extreme machine with all the stresses, the vibration that it has to endure.

Man, I guess that’s one more thing added to my ‘to-do’ list. I want to be able to take my family for a joyride sometimes!


In preparing for the 2nd oral exam, I read and observed my job like an eagle observing the field for its potential prey. I wanted to absorb as much as I could. I would ask the experienced engineers the why  of their actions, the how, the tips and almost every question that crossed my mind. “There is no stupid question in aviation”. A motto I held onto firmly. It’s better to be ridiculed now than to regret for your whole life for doing a mistake which might cost lives just because you felt too big to ask.

With such attitude, I gained trust from my superiors when I worked in KLIA and when I worked in Subang. “Eh Yasser (people called me using that name in MAS) kapal Korea panggil mintak tolong kejap, A330, ko pergi tengok nanti kalau agak-agak tak boleh ko panggil Chew”, asked my Lead Engineer. “Ok, on my way”. The Korean Stewardesses that I saw were beautiful. Just like the ones in the K-Drama. Fair, porcelain skin. “One light is not working near one of the seats at the back. We’ve tried restarting the whole system but nothing”, said the Chief Stewardess. As I was headed there, a voice called me in Malay,”Sini encik”, came from a Chinese stewardess who looked like a Korean.

“Eh, you Malaysian ke?”

“Ya orang Malaysia. Rosak apa ni encik?”

And the conversation went on and on and I bid her goodbye and safe journey.

“You tak mintak no phone dia ke?” an engineer asked me. “Tak, small chat ja”.

“Apa la… Itu chance baik punya pun you tak ambil. You gay ke?”

“Apsal? You ada lelaki yang seswai untuk I ke?” and we burst into laughter.


When I was preparing for the 2nd attempt, I read a lot. When I got tired, I would go for a blog-walk. Just to let whichever brain hemisphere you used for the technical parts to relax and use the other one.

As of that time, I’ve already favourited the blog of the young lady that I mentioned in the previous entry. Her entries surprisingly didn’t bore me. I was drawn to it because of the sincerity that was reflected. She was not trying to impress anybody. She was being herself. For that alone, I was hooked…on to her blog, irregardless of topics.

“Melambung-lambung hati bila baca”. For some reason, this phrase got stuck in my brain. Maybe because of the pleasant imagery that it brought with it; Happy  little kids, running across an open field, with model aircraft in their hands, butterflies flying around, birds chirping delightful morning song, a bunch of adults having a picnic, sitting on a  red and white checkered mattress with a rattan basket filled with muffins, pastries on the side, and various fruit juices in fancy bottles. Now I’m hungry, seriously hungry.

But back to the topic, I learned that she was happy by being herself. My ustazah once told me, fitrah hati ni suci. If you let yourself follow the fitrah of the heart you will be happy. I was not happy with who I was. I was trying to feed my ego. The thing with ego is, it’s never full. In a way it drives you to do your best but at the same time you will be neglecting the need to respect, the need to love, the need to have empathy, the need to sympathize for those around you, especially those who are closely related.

Through her writings I began to see these truths. The truths that I have been craving to grab.

To be continued…

The lyrics to this song used to haunt me as it spoke of directly what I was trying to do in certain phase of my life. But as the word implies, a ‘phase’ is  temporary and it would be a very good teacher if you knew or shown the way  on how to tackle it.




Blessed all along (part 4.1)

Aidiladha in Miri is kinda -.-, most probably because my family isn’t here. After the raya prayer, I went to the market to buy me a week’s supply of groceries/food. The weather is beautiful. I drove back using the road along the coastal line whilst listening to Sugar Ray’s album…”Someday…when my life has passed me by, I lay around and wonder why you were always there for me..”. Man, need to get me one of those convertibles…Wayfarer+Convertible+Beautiful Sun+Beautiful Sky+Sugar Ray’s+The wind in your hair=Blissssssssss.


After I failed my first oral exam, I was lost. I blamed almost everything for the ‘misfortune’. I was unable to accept the fact that I failed. Failure was something I rarely encountered. My ego was as big as it could be. “It was never my fault”, my mind would tell me.In front of people I would act as if the failure never affected me in anyway.

My attitude towards work never changed. I was doing something which I loved. My mother would ask me, “Bila lagi Wa?”. I never answered because truth was I was scared. I didn’t have the answer. I was mad as heck at the surveyor. I joined the program end of 2004 and it was nearly the end of 2009. “Awak dah boleh jadi doctor kalau awak ambil medic. Anak saya dekat New Zealand dah nak habis dah doctorate dia, sebaya awak la”, said the surveyor during my first oral exam. I looked at him and didn’t say a word. Rasa nak terkam. Was he trying to motivate me or was he telling me that I should stop? I was angry.

End of 2009, I submitted my application for a re-exam. My attitude never changed. I was thinking I would nail this one and get it over with. Also at the same time, I began reading blogs or blog-walking (as some called it) because I started writing one again. I wanted ideas. I came across a lot of blogs which were either of teenage angst, adults who lost their identities, people who were full of themselves(ceh macam bagus je gua) and a lot more which didn’t really give me any “lightbulb-on-top-of-my-head-going-ting!”

Then one day, on FB, I saw my friend who just  ‘Like’-ed an unknown profile which gave preview via a picture of a very beautiful lady. I was intrigued, she didn’t look like a Malaysian and yet her name was very Malaysian. I thought, this must be one of those hoax profiles. Then I clicked the picture which lead me to a fan page of that lady. Turned out she was a blogger. At that time, her total fans were around 12k+. “What gives?”I read her info and clicked one of the links and began to read.

to be continued…

This song was popular around the end of the 90s era if I remember correctly.