Careless Imagination

Earlier this year, I read a book on how to explore your mind power, how to relate the most irrelevant of things to the issues/problems you are dealing with. The content of the book itself was not typed in a uniformly sized fonts. You read big fonts, small fonts, bigsmall, smig, bimall, bgmall you get the idea. The most valuable knowledge or revelation that I learnt from the book was on how not to restrict your imagination. There was no specific text stating that, but it was the gist of most of the theories suggested.

Keep your mind opened, allow all possibilities.

The only downside to this new finding is, I’m too lenient in controlling what I could imagine. Take note though, what I would deem as bad for me might not be in the eyes of others, vice versa.

So what is that downside? I read a text and my mind would start querying, “Is this text meant for me? Does the writer know what I feel? Am I a part of whatever that sentence is trying to convey? Wait, does that sign mean something?” .It’s a temporarily sweet but worrying state of mind. Sweet if it was sweet and directed at you. Worrying because of the sweetness you experienced made you reluctant to let it go if it wasn’t for you.

Imagination. Drawn on an untouchable canvas, see-able and understandable only to the owner of the imagining minds. The brush will keep on moving until you’ve gained enough will to stop it yourself.

I grew up listening to this song. The first time was when I was 11. Never failed to take me away to beautiful places.

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