When you are not sure what to do

Do the right thing.

My colleague and I were talking about aircraft accidents. He, a far more experienced guy once marshalled a helicopter to take off which then crashed a few minutes later. He seemed relax, but one could never hide the tone of sadness and I could understand that. If I were in his place, I would not be so sure of working near the aircraft again. He listened to the pilot’s final scream on the radio and he assured me that such a scream stays with you till the day you die. A futile effort of trying to stay alive in a doomed vessel.

One of the reasons I hate watching the Aircrash Investigation show is because of the portrayal of the last few minutes of the lives of the people involved. I still watch the show, but the fear, the anguish, the grief that grip the heart are so intense, that I sometimes find myself gritting whenever the faces of the actors/actresses came into view.

I’ve listened to a few blackboxes, or voice recorders that gave me the chill to the bone. My hands were trembling. The imagination that you are so helpless in a doomed aircraft is so traumatizing. Death is certain but the period in between is what made dying in an air crash so scary irregardless of the cause of the crash, either technical or human factor.

I therefore hope and implore to those in the aircraft maintenance industry, know your job. You’re the last line of defense. If you don’t know, ask. No question is considered as stupid in the aviation world. We don’t need MacGyvers.

When you are not sure what to do, do the right thing.

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