The Imperfections

In life, every one of us was given different paths which shaped our personality and our views on matters revolving around us. In my case, I grew up through a life of incompleteness. But then again whose life is complete? or easily put, perfect? There is always a hidden chain relating one event to another. Cause and consequences.

I grew up admiring heroes in movies which include Batman, Superman, Superboy, The X-Men (Cartoon series >_> ), Ultraman, Awang Spanar, yes that Os guy was one of my idols, and many others. These heroes are or were blessed with so many abilities but alas, there is always an imperfection. A grumpy personality, the inability to be socially accepted, the inability to comprehend the reason of existence, the inability to comprehend why they were bestowed with powers or in the view of some, the curse.

These imperfections are what made them close to us. Human-like. And one of the reasons why the latest Batman movies which took on a more psychologically more human role was so successful. He was grumpy, impatient, bugged by relationship issues, family issues, and a whole lot of other issues. Imperfection is the trait that makes us perfect, unique. I believe it is like  the missing piece of a huge jigsaw puzzle we call life. That slot or gap can only be completed by another imperfection.

Whenever I feel bugged by my imperfections, there is one verse from the Surah Yaasin which I love the most. Verse 58: Salaamun Qaulan Min Rabin Rahim (note: tajwid was not taken into account in this romanized arab) which means “Peace- A word of salutation from the Lord Most Merciful”, ” (Dan untuk mereka)Ucapan salam dari Tuhan Yang Maha Mengasihani”. Beautiful, just beautiful. When I was in school, during our friday Yassin recitation, we would repeat that verse 3 times. Some may call it bidaah, but then again we will have to look back at the context of bidaah which I will not discuss here for I am not a master of such field but I would say I know enough to opine it is not sinful or against the religion to practice it.

Opps, gotta run, gotta be ready for work.

I used to record this series everytime it aired. So cute. Character that I love? Gambit, the cool, nonchalant, explosive bandit.

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