The most disorganized day

I came to work, with one objective. Gonna finish that audit report once and for all. Then my eyes caught a date on the whiteboard in the office. My God! Another aircraft maintenance review is due this Saturday! On the outside I was as calm as a secret agent playing poker with beautiful ladies by my side but on the inside….a storm was brewing.

Then I decided to chill for a few mins and headed for the pantry. Office politics… -.- . A very nice dessert for the troubled mind. Sighness. “Eh have you heard that so and so is such and such?”

Ok gonna surf the net for a few mins for news and updates. “Hey man, we got a few new guys joining us, might need you to clarify the companys procedures to them especially with regards to air law etc,” said one voice. “Hey ho lets go,” said I. Obviously a faked enthusiasm.

“So what do you guys understand about air law?” I asked. The man was scratching his head. “When did you guys learn air law?” I asked again. “Just recently” answered another. “Ok, describe to me the thing that you remember the most about air legislation. The thing that stayed in your memory the longest.” One tried to answer,”Uhh umm, the documentation required before releasing an aircraft to service?” Ok that`s a good start”, said I. “Look why dont you guys read the manual first and I`ll attend to you guys later aight?”

I left them and went to my office. Ok, let`s finish the report now. Uh, where`s the company authorized approval no? “Hello Mr John Doe, can you message me your company`s approval no so I can cross check with the DCA?” “Sure thing buddy.” Ok report on hold.

“Hey man, I want you to give this guy a briefing on one of our company’s procedure. The one with the experienced Vespa ride slide show.” I nodded.

With that done. Now, I wanna relax.

Update: 6th Oct 2010; Cool I published an unfinished product.

Ohh need to give the new guy the checklist for the maintenance review. “Here you go”, said I. “When will we do it?” he asked. “Tomorrow”, I answered. Bonk on the noggin.”Nice, I need to familiarize myself with the system”, he answered back. I smiled and winked.

Then 2 expatriates came into the office. “We come because of the company approval issuance”. “Aight my boss will attend to you guys”. I love to listen to my boss whenever he gives the briefing about company procedures and the requirements to maintain the integrity of the tasks these engineers carry out. There`s always a story wedged in between the formal topics. “You know, when I was in MAS, we used the shift handover book to sorta brag about how much work or defects we solved during our shift” I chirped. They looked at me as if I was an alien. Okay, back to my work.

“Where is this John Doe and his company approval no?” It was already 4`o clock. I wanna go home but I wanna finish the report and get them out of the way.

“Hey dude, weren`t you supposed to raise a nonconformance for that untraceable rivets we found in the store?”. “Yeah, but I couldn`t access the online reporting database. I`ve already sent an email to them and they have yet  to fix the problem or send any replies to me” I answered. I wanna go home.

5`o clock. That was it, pen down, shut down the pc. Go now go. “Hey wanna go for a haircut?” I asked one of my colleague. “When? Now?” he replied. “Yeah”.

“I`m not quite sure where a barber is in Miri”. “No problem man, we just drive around and stop at the first one we come across”.

Found. “Wah, you pakai gel ka?” “Tak, I pakai minyak rambut”, I answered. “Kena basuh rambut dulu woh”. Oklah. Turned out the head massage that came with the hairwash package was what I needed. I almost fell asleep on the chair. The girl laughed at me. “Penat kerja ke bang?”. “Tak, penat menari” so clever. With a new haircut, head feeling all weightless and floating, I wanted my bed so bad.

One more important thing to achieve this week, oh well, we`ll see how I will try to get that one done. By far, this was the most disorganized day I had.

This entry kinda sucked too. Morale: Jangan biarkan hari anda dihantui ketidakaturan, ianya mengganggu interaksi anda yang normal.

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