I guess this is it. This week has been a blast. A week of learning, understanding, realizing. I’ve met doctors, professionals from different fields. A chance to learn how the various fields influenced our ways of approaching a subject matter was the most interesting to me. Doctors tend to be a soft spoken bunch. I loved to hear when they told tales, their experiences and when we were discussing our group assignments. There was this female doctor, who loved to tell her stories about her kids, about the challenges she faced when trying to raise them without a maid  since her spouse was also working and she couldn’t trust those bibiks anymore after a few incidents. I could listen to her for hours. A very motherly figure. Sigh, missing her already.

Ohh back to the subject, things happened. Things which taught me a bit of a lesson about life. I know that my work has been piling up since I’ve been away from the office for a week. I havent checked my work email, I don’t wanna check my work email. I work when I start work.

Why fin? I’m running out of ideas. There are times when you aren’t inspired as much as you hoped you would be. That’s life. To the small bunch of readers who visited my blog every now and then, thanks a million thanks. I don’t know who you are but I do know I appreciate every visit so much. I would take you out for drinks if I knew who you were. My intention of writing a blog was never to generate income, or garner people’s attention, it was one of my ways of seeing myself as an artist.

Maybe just maybe, if anything happens in the future which might trigger my blogging switch on, then I’ll write again. I won’t pull this blog off the net. Thanks for reading peeps. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. See you when I see you :*(. Ciao. Ohh you can always contact me at Nah I’m not afraid of spam.

p/s: There’s no real reason for me choosing this video as the parting video. Just that I love the music and her voice. Soothing and relaxing.

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