So Bare.

Never had it crossed my mind that I would let myself to be exposed emotionally and to actually enjoy it. It was awkward initially. I know the outcome might not be what I wished it could be. But this moment would not have come if I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. The chance to feel what I feel now is a blessing. It took away all my pains in the past and gave me a greater realization that all those series of events were meant to teach me something and brought me up to this point.

This point. A point where I can be honest and accept anything told to me with honesty. A point where I truly see the greatness and kindness of the human race. A point where I feel if Allah were to take my life away, I would feel ok, hopefully I’ve done the deeds. Hopefully my loved ones will be able to continue life joyously and successfully.

What prompted me to come up with such a statement? So many things. But one thing in particular which acted as the much needed nudge for me to step into this ‘enlightened’ state. Words written from the heart. Words which did not care of the repercussions, words which did not mind to say ‘sorry’, words which stir all the negative feelings and blend them with the rationale of their existence turning them into a catalyst for a person to reach greater heights. So powerful those words were and are.

Thanks to those who have been apart of my journey thus far.


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