Short and sweet part troix (Te-ghu-wa) A

So I was left alone at the table. And a puteri bunian (fairy princess) said, “Haha biarkan dia sorang-sorang, biar dia rasa bersalah”. Haha. Comel comel. Not just what she said, but she herself is comel, (cute). So while the puteri bunian was cleaning up the table (my God, these days, usually only the bibiks do that), I dare not to lift my head. For indeed I was clueless,”apa ni, you are still eating and the puteri bunian is already cleaning up!”. Whilst she was picking up some of the crumbs, she asked, “Lepas ni pegi mana?”. “Emm, Midvalley”, said I. I have to look for a book related to ISO9001 standards. “Ohh, buat apa?” asked the puteri. “Cari buku,” said I. “Oh…” .Haish. Bodoh kan? Smart move wise guy -.-. But I did go afterwards, fully baju-melayu-ed. Had to bring in my boots into the surau though when I wanted to perform the maghrib prayer at the midvalley prayer room for there was no one around and I was scared that I might be left shoeless on the way home.

And then she sat a few chairs away from me. “Ada soalan nak tanya tapi semua dah hilang”, said I. “Hah, masa ni la nak tanya, cepat cepat tanya,” so adorable when she was saying that. Dia macam gadis muda bersifat makcik comel. “How old is your daddy yek??” I could hear the sound of the loser trumpet in my head at that time. Ada ka patut tanya pasal ayah? Adakah? “Daddy, how old are you?” straightaway the puteri asked her daddy. Face to palm. Haha. Literally my face to my palm. “Kenapa? Nampak muda ya?” kata En/Abang/Uncle Zainal. “Agak-agak berapa?” katanya lagi. “Mmm 43-45?” I guessed. “Hmm lebih kurang la” he answered. Then the puteri went to the ruang tamu to serve some drinks. My God, ayunya! If I were a candle, I would have melted.

To be continued to part troix B. I can’t type. Brain haywired. Must. Stay. Calm.


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