Short and sweet part deux

It’s nice to be the center of attention SOMETIMES. What I hated was my inability to be in control. To utter words coherently for my senses were…hmmm couldn’t quite find the word for it. “Johny Wayfarer, you are Johny Wayfarer now!”. Nothing.

I’ve amazed interviewers in… well interviews. Even the Eurocopter manager told me, “I liked your confidence and your ability to discuss your career prospect with me and what you have planned, would like to see you for the 2nd interview”. I declined. That’s a story for another time.

Ok, where were we? Oh yeah, sound of a car coming, En/Abang/Uncle Zainal went out…etc. Not quite what I was expecting. Turned out they were also close acquaintances of the family.

“Eh jom jom makan”. Yes! The long awaited event.

1 Ketupat. Ayam masak merah. Not sure what they call this one in English 😦 . But it sure was tasty. I took 3 pieces and I wasn’t ashamed. They/We were chatting about issues ranging from Sosilawati to Miri, Kuching, Rawa specialty food. I listened and gave a few pointless neither witty opinions (I think). En/Abang/Uncle Zainal interjected, “Ni cerita Semenanjung, orang Miri tak tau”. Haha agreed. Hati saya kat semenanjung lagi 😦 .

Oh about En/Abang/Uncle Zainal’s wife, I’m also not sure how should I address her. She sure doesn’t look her age. Panggil kakak pun boleh.

So I sat there, listening to the chatter, banter, looking at the cats, fat, chubby, furry, fuzzy…so gigit-able, the cute, sweet sisters, handsome boys, glorious food, and at the same time wondering…”Ya Allah, they talked as if I was a part of the family”. Aisyah’s raya song in the background improved the ambiance and what I was feeling. But still, my mind was blank.

“Puan, mintak tolong pass kek coklat tu.” Heaven. Big juicy strawberry. I asked for a 2nd one, then it struck me. Eh eh semua sudah gerak pergi ruang tamu. Malulah gua ini macam. “No, don’t leave me here alone!”

Kak/Puan/Auntie Nani said, “Jom, makan kuih kat sana pulak”. “Ok nanti saya habiskan kek ni dulu”. And then, something happened, something which I kinda regretted. I’ve spoken to strangers with ease before. Whites, Blacks, Arabs, Pakistanis, Female, Male. They were a walk in the park. But…jeng jeng jeng….to be continued…

p/s: Didn’t mean to drag this, but there’s just so much that I wanted to type. It’s a beautiful life indeed.


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