Short and sweet part Un (it’s french for One)

If you want happiness, you’ll have to pursue it. Ego, hoping for it to roll to your feet is a lazy man’s quest.

Hence, I told myself, I would try to make the most of this Aidilfitri Holiday.

The first night I arrived at my house, after I unloaded my things, I went for a drive around KL. It was around 10.00 PM. I wanted to absorb, to feast my eyes on the pre-raya scene, the hectic yelling, and honking. But as soon as I saw the long line of cars forming near Maju Junction (I came from KLCC), I thought to myself, “This ain’t worth it” and made an illegal U-turn. Sungguh berani! Saw a traffic police officer nearby but he seemed too occupied on controlling the traffic flow. Phew! “Naim, hang kat mana?” I texted my friend. “Aku kat kampung dah, takpa len kali kita minum” he replied. “Aku balik Miri Ahad ni, flight pagi”.  😦

Oh well, then I headed back to Cheras, to my favourite mamak bistro and ordered me a Nasi Goreng Paprik. Semenanjung style. So healthy a practice to eat a large meal before bedtime. /sarcasm.

The last day of Ramadhan 2010 Thursday, Kuala Lumpur. Aight got me a pair of Baju Melayu Johor. Bought it on Tuesday in Miri, went to the mall right after berbuka. Hmmm…If I wanted to make this raya worth the time I have, better dress properly. Still haven’t bought a songkok and a kain pelikat (sarong) to match the colour of my Baju Melayu Johor. Jalan TAR is/was a big no no. “Eh, PKNS Shah Alam banyak jugak choice, can pick up the booked raya biscuits on the way too,” literally I was monologuing. -.-‘

“Pa, pa kat mana ye?” I said on the phone. “Pa, dah kat Selama dah, kenapa?”. “Oh takpelah, ingatkan nak melawat kat Kuala Selangor. Kirim salam kat makcik dan family belah sana dan Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin ye pa. Lain kali la kot kita jumpa.”

That’s one house canceled on my list. Oh well, still got a few more houses.

Friday, Morning-Evening, 1st Syawal- After I visited a few of my old friends’ houses, only 1 house left. This one got me jittery, caused butterflies to fly wildly in my stomach, and also disorganized my usually actively-anticipating-thinking-pattern. This one belongs to a family who are active in the local blogging scene and garnered quite a number of followers including myself. In other words, visiting people whom I don’t really know in real life.  We communicate only via the net. Most of the time.

“Takpela puan, janganla rush-rush nak balik pulak. Kalau puan sibuk, tak payahla saya datang”,I said. “Takpela, kitorang memang nak balik pun, datang lepas pukul 5 ye”, she said. I was taken aback. Pleasantly taken aback. Okay, so I drove to Shah Alam and the empty roads beckoned me to “take a walk along the memory lane, reminiscing the time I spent there when I was in UiTM”. A lot of things have changed, no more Engine Corner (Section 2) and its famous cheap-delish-awesome Nasi Goreng Engine, rice fried with soy ketchup+spices(maybe)+1 sunny side up+chili beef for only…RM2.

So before I arrived at said house,  I was expecting a big crowd. Lo and behold. I was the only one. Alamak. “Ding dong” no I didn’t produce the sound, was the doorbell. “Eh masuklah” kata En./Abang/Uncle Zainal (I was unsure what to address him as, he seemed youthful, must be the colour of his baju melayu). The usual, greetings, Selamat Hari Raya and all that. We chit-chatted about our jobs, current issues when suddenly “Selamat Hari Raya!” . Pleasantnyeeeeee. (Wah literally, I mean it literally at the moment I’m typing this, the sentence-vocab-producer in my brain is going haywire, like there’s so much info you want to jam into the processor that the processor starts to choke and showing symptoms of stalling). I turned around and these words popped, “Wah tu dia, the star of the house”. Tak witty langsung. Then I continued to chat with En/Abang/Uncle Zainal.

A sound of a vehicle interrupted our conversation and En/Abang/Uncle Zainal left me  to check it out. I was like “Ahhh, ok another visitor, take the attention off me (though I wasn’t sure whether I hate it or did I like it? did I?)” … be continued

p/s: Misleading title is misleading.


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