Words from the heart.

Some people think that those with an ‘acute’ sense of what is going on, of the intricate details of the general scenario, of the little kinks in a straight line as unnecessarily petty. But I prefer to look at them situationally. Lately I would look at them as concerned beings, for I’ve understood what make poets poets, painters painters and songwriters songwriters. In simpler terms, why there are artists – people who expresses their emotion via various mediums, drawings, songs, and a whole load of other thinkable presentations.

Ramadhan is a month which from my first account experience when such senses grow. Meaningful words flourish and touch people in wonderful ways.

The coming of Ramadhan always give me a wonderful kinda tingle.

A tingle that says it’s ok, men do cry. An explosion of emotion which swelled time after time covered by layers of ego, pride and individualism. Ramadhan strips those opened and brings us back to the basics. The fitrah.

“Ma, wa mintak maaf zahir dan batin (Ma, I’m sorry for everything).” Pause. Then we’d talk about other things, but still the residual emotion from such a statement would resonate for the whole month. I hope it would for the rest of my life.

Some may call it sissy. But how long do we have just to live up to others expectation?

I love trying to read between the lines. I love how I feel the love of the people in my lives. I love how strangers express their appreciation of others. I love how we all actually share a common ground. Emotionally human.

I have to admit that in my view  jazz/oldies tend to connect with humanity more often than other genres. I also have to admit, that Michael Buble has a very warming voice. I still like the female species though. Have a great Ramadhan everyone. May you find the Ramadhan you are looking for!


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