Flying Reverie


Main Entry: rev·er·ie
Variant(s): also rev·ery \ˈre-və-rē, ˈrev-rē\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural rev·er·ies
Etymology: French rêverie, from Middle French, delirium, from resver, rever to wander, be delirious
Date: 1654

1 : daydream
2 : the condition of being lost in thought


I was on a flight back to Miri after spending 4 days in Semenanjung. Beside me was a big Spanish guy. I assumed he was Spanish because the novel he was reading was in what I would identify as the Spanish language.

Now I’m a guy with broad shoulders. So a big guy sitting beside a big guy, you get friendly shoulders saying hello every so often. Luckily though I was near the window, so instead of letting my back rest against the seat, I leaned forward and gazed outside through the glass. It was night time so there’s nothing much that I could see except for the aircraft engine under the beam of a wing scan light and the beacon light far on the wing tip displaying its fireworks-like radiant.

Song after song played through my ears via my precious Sony Walkman MP3 player. A very loyal companion, thank Allah for men have came up with such creation. If it was a pretty young lady sitting beside me, I wouldn’t be in this irritable mood. Thank Allah for music and thank Allah for MP3s and all these gadgets.

All of a sudden, the view outside became blurry. Tiny lines of droplets filling in the beam of the wing scan light. They became thicker and continous lines as the time continued to pass. I was mesmerized by what I saw and my mind started to wander. Like it always did and would always do.

I took my pen out and was looking around for a piece of paper. “Bah! This paper bag (the one they use when you feel like vomitting) will do…”. I wanted to try to write down whatever crossed my mind during that semi-trance moment. So here they are, random thoughts written down…

1) I find comfort staring at the darkness.

2) I’m looking at the silhouette of my face and I found myself to look kinda attractive. -hey hey don’t laugh, I was trying not to restrict what I was thinking of-

3) Need more blank space on this bag…

4) The rain outside gave a very chilling impression of the actual temperature…

5) When is meal time?

6) The stewardess glanced at me!

7) This song kills my mellowed out mood.-was System of A Down’s Marmalade-

8) I wish there were stars that I could look at.

9) Meal time!

10) The stewardess looked very familiar but then again, most pretty people looked familiar. They always give this deja vu kinda feeling.

11) Oo the rain has stopped.

12) And then there were stars…..ya Allah cantiknya…-at this moment, I flicked the forward button on my mp3 player (the downside of using an mp3 player without the visible option to choose what you want to hear), hoping for a suitable song to accompany this magical moment-


This song was so perfect for that moment, and I hope you’ll find such magical moment too for it’s a chance to appreciate existence and who you have around, at least that was how I felt.

p/s: I still have that paper bag.


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