My name is Johny Wayfarer. Nama saya Johny Wayfarer (Pengembara).


When I was little, I always admired RayBan Sunglasses. The design that I loved the most was and still in love with is the , square-round-ish, thick-ish frame with dark lenses. I only learnt of the name a few years back.

Rayban Wayfarer. For some reason the name injects a different spirit in me.

Be bold. Be brave. Be a wayfarer.

Wayfarer. I interpret the meaning as someone who accepts whatever comes his way in a cool, well-contemplated move. He/She explores and ready to face his/her secret fears and overcomes it. The said persona keeps on moving, learning, understanding, sharpening his/her wits and wisdom.

Hi nama saya Johny Wayfarer. Dan saya bersedia untuk mengembara.

p/s: I’ll prolly upload my pic with my beloved wayfarer all non-chalant and cool like ^_^


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